7cm black lace-up high heels

Today to share with you.

Workwear, not tired feet high heels!

Hello, babies morning, today to share with you is feminine commuter wear, the top choice is a double crepe silk blue shirt, draped fabric on the body is very senior.

The skirt is an irregular open half skirt, there are three buttons design, will form a natural pleat in the abdomen, cover a small belly and increase the sense of design, very heart.

Shoes are especially recommended to everyone today, many small sisters will leave a message asking me if I am tired of wearing high heels every day, I usually take high heels to the office to wear, most of the time after work, or wear flat shoes.

But today’s recommendation of this pair is really not tired feet, all-day wearing no problem, 7cm heel height to achieve the effect of modification and does not give too much pressure on the feet, the forefoot has a full package of air cotton, wear a feeling of stepping into the clouds, pointed toe is not crowded feet.

This design I also like, black high heels very feminine, lacing horizontal elongated visual sense, there is a foot very slender visual effect, will not wear high heels of girls can also be bold to get.


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