A story of a boy and silk stockings. His infatuation with silk stockings is actually his infatuation with girls

I was a boy. When I was a child, I didn’t know how to get very interested in silk stockings (at that time, I only knew short silk stockings, usually flesh and black). I would wear my mother’s. At first, I only wore them when I went to bed at night, and then put them back for fear of being seen by others. Later, I found some silk stockings discarded by others, began to collect silk stockings by myself, and began to wear them at home during holidays.

I once collected a lot of silk stockings, but my desire is endless. I go to all kinds of places to look for silk stockings all day (there are always a lot of discarded clothes in the school dormitory after the holiday). I hoard more and more and began to collect and wear other women’s clothes (underwear, autumn clothes, leggings, jeans, high heels and sandals. They will like the appearance of silk stockings with sandals or leather shoes) In high school, I lived at home and didn’t have to worry about being seen by others, but I still feel very wrong. I like to see other girls wearing silk stockings and women’s clothes. After all, I can’t wear them like them, which will also cause some sexual impulses.

When I was a sophomore in senior high school, I suddenly made up my mind to quit. I always thought about it. That night, I threw a lot of things. I didn’t wear or move a lot of clothes in them. I also liked the process of collection. In this way, I stayed at home until the summer vacation. I also had a lot of collected silk stockings and clothes at home. At that time, I didn’t want to waste any more, so I wanted to wear them at night I didn’t simply wear socks when I put on silk stockings, which aroused my imagination.

I started to pick up women’s shoes and clothes and wanted to quit it. I just wore silk stockings and didn’t want to delay my study, but I really couldn’t do it. I couldn’t concentrate on my study. I also liked to watch some videos about women’s Heroes on the Internet (many of the actresses are in good shape, wearing cheongsam and silk stockings, very sexy, and have the complex of being whipped and yelling, which makes me addicted).

I really want to quit, but I can’t stick to it. Until the third year of senior high school, I made up my mind to quit. In the middle, I also saw a lot of clothes passing by the garbage and wanted to look through them. Most of them were picked up and then thrown away.

In the summer vacation of senior three, because there was nothing to do, I wanted to wear the remaining silk stockings (because I saved too much, there are everywhere, this is the silk stockings I saved before) At that time, I thought that I would wear it openly, so I wouldn’t think about it. At that time, I wore short silk stockings with black sandals.

In addition to silk stockings, they were relatively neutral clothes, which were more old-fashioned, but I still liked the way normal women wear silk stockings, and even wanted to learn their whole body. I also went back to school dormitories and garbage cans, which was so muddy I had a summer vacation.

After the beginning of college, I wanted to make a clean break. In addition, I didn’t have that idea in a new environment. At that time, I was normal in school (in addition, at that time, college girls didn’t wear too many short silk stockings, especially sandals) When I got home, I might pick up clothes and watch videos of female heroes. Later, I watched them at school and even spent money to watch them. I also picked up clothes behind the girls’ dormitory when there were few people during the holidays and wore some girls’ leggings, which are not obvious women’s clothes.

Slowly, I became more and more occupied and often went to pick up clothes late at night. I began to wear short silk stockings again, and I cheated I lied to myself that this was a punishment for myself. If I had the behavior of watching nvlie videos and picking up clothes, I would have to wear silk stockings for how long. However, this punishment would not be effective. Gradually, I began to go to bed late because I was afraid of being seen by my roommate when I took off my shoes and continued until I graduated from college.

Finally, I gave up and stopped throwing clothes, so I kept it and imagined that there were many You can stop picking up clothes, but no, in exchange for my greater anxiety. Because I’m a boy after all, I’m naturally interested in girls. I actually began to have the idea of obscenity, peeping and going to the women’s toilet. I began to secretly wear girls’ clothes, and put on long silk stockings, pantyhose, etc. the video I watched was also extended to SM, because there was that kind of obscenity in it The model’s complex makes the model climax. So I sink deeper and deeper.

Later, when I was a graduate student, I continued my previous preferences and even began to buy Women’s clothes myself. Until the epidemic was at home, I was very anxious and wanted to quit, but I couldn’t quit. I went to a psychologist. I slowly found that I wasn’t interested in silk stockings. I didn’t like all kinds of girls’ clothes and shoes, but women wearing silk stockings or all kinds of clothes Interested in life.

Because I don’t have a girlfriend, I can only satisfy myself by looking for silk stockings and clothes I wear. When I find it, it’s not what I really like, and I still hate it. It’s over and over again. Silk stockings, those who like to fly with silk stockings, and women who see silk stockings with high heels and leather shoes are all because of themselves Interested in such girls.

How I once thought I was a girl, but I didn’t want to be a girl, just a color. I always stared at the girls’ feet wearing silk stockings and imitated them wearing silk stockings. Mistakenly thinking that I just like silk stockings is actually a kind of abnormal psychology of fetishism. Now I also hope that if I really just like silk stockings, I will just choose one Socks are so simple that no one will find them in trousers. But he is really an unusual luster.

Boys who also like silk stockings can think about whether they just like silk stockings or meet their desire for women through silk stockings and girls’ clothes. I also imagined that I was a girl, but the fantasy complex is some scenes in which girls serve boys, essentially to meet their desire for women. In fact, I have changed from infatuation with silk stockings to infatuation The process of loving other clothes can reflect that he is not eager for silk stockings, but for women.

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If you are like me, you’d better find a girlfriend and satisfy yourself through proper ways, which can also be gradually relieved. At present, I have no girlfriend and can only gradually restrain myself. I believe that I can resist temptation countless times. I just collect silk stockings and women’s clothes, but it’s useless.

If you really just wear silk stockings, you don’t rely on other women’s products, and you won’t like to see girls’ feet wearing silk stockings. For such a friend, silk stockings are just a kind of socks and clothing for you. You can wear them if you like, and you also like the people around you to understand you.

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