A story of silk stockings

In a blink of an eye, it was another sunny spring season. People crowded on the street gradually took off their heavy and bloated padded jackets and replaced them with colorful skirts. Under the shining of the sun, the young man is more energetic than the other, and the girls are drifting and pretty. And the socks on the lovely girls are much more delicate than the other. Suddenly talking about socks, I can’t help but think of a little story from before.

I have been an extroverted and lively little girl since I was a child, at least that’s what people say. Because there are many children in the family and the parents are busy all day long to make a living, there is no free time to teach us how to be a “lady.” But because I personally study more seriously and have good academic performance, my parents have given me plenty of free time, that is, a lot more freedom than other children’s children, so I often go out to fight and play with boys. As for my character, I am a bit closer to boys. I’ve been very active since I was a child, and I don’t like anything that restrains me, including not wearing socks. Of course, this is not about winter. I still have to wear it in winter, but I will throw my socks thousands of miles away early in summer. A pair of barefoot, a pair of fashionable flip flops, I just spend my summer leisurely and comfortably.

Baiju passed the gap, and time passed day by day. The girls have grown up slowly and taller, and their hair is getting longer and longer, all quietly. Obviously, this is not me. Because my personality is different from that of other girls, I am often criticized by my parents. I feel uncomfortable on the one hand. On the other hand, I myself have gradually begun to pay attention to my appearance, and I have gradually begun to have an unprecedented concept of beauty in my heart. Whenever I see a girl older than me walking by me wearing black stockings, I am also very envious of those two smooth legs. Finally one day I broke out, broke out completely. I used the money I secretly left to buy a pair of magical silk stockings and put them on. At that time, my classmates saw my boat socks, and I still remember the surprised expression.

But the good news is that many people smiled and pointed at me when they first put on their stockings and walked on the road. I knew they were complimenting and praising me. Suddenly, I was secretly happy, raised my head, straightened my chest, smiled at the corner of my mouth, and stepped forward, let alone how proud I was at that time. After being so beautiful for a while, I discovered its shortcomings. In the hot summer, it is beautiful to put on silk stockings, but they are tightly attached to the legs, airtight, and it is really boring and uncomfortable. I can’t help but secretly roll a piece, then pull it up after a while. It’s been a long time, I’m tired of it, I don’t want to wear it anymore, I still have my legs bare, coming and going in a hurry…

Now although I am no longer the silly girl, my freedom-loving personality has not changed at all, and summer is still I don’t like wearing socks. However, a lot of socks have been prepared. In the days of wearing suits and long skirts, they are still indispensable for matching with leather shoes. In the days at work, although the summer heat is so hot and my freedom is restricted by silk stockings, I have learned to be patient. On the days of returning home and weekends, she would still throw away her stockings, take off her restraints, and run and walk freely. If one day you come across a short hair and short skirt on the street, with bare feet, walking and like to jump occasionally, it is me.

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