About wearing flesh-colored pantyhose at work

Many sisters have asked me some detailed questions in private messages

1. wear legs that have no creases

I think there are no thick flesh-colored pantyhose with a thickness that can do no pleats at all.

2. What thickness to buy

I bought the thick velvet model, because it is not too cold to work in the company, and it is very warm to ride the electric car on the road, and the sisters in the north can buy the thicker velvet.

3. will top feet? Le not strangled?

I am more satisfied with the design of the foot is a single layer, wear it will not stink feet, this just wear will be a little tight, because the thin well, but still quite comfortable to wear, the upper leg is more flattering, do not fall crotch.

I hope sisters can buy the thick flesh-colored pantyhose that they want.

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