Black high heels temptation

The final presentation of each pair of high heels is a sense of premium quality that can perfectly highlight the unique charming temperament in women!

Especially for the pursuit of fashionable light mature women, hoping to achieve the free manifestation of elegance, sweetness, romance, sexy and other femininity.

Well, a pair of black high heels, the position in the fashion shoe world can be described as deep-rooted, has always been the fashionistas can not refuse the black temptation, not only highlight the freedom of women to wine off elegant temperament but more importantly, the interpretation of personality fashion.

In this issue, I’ll share with you a few pairs of classic fashion black high heels, highlighting the mature female sex appeal, interpretation of a trend of elegant style! Come together to see it!

The use of shallow mouth version, not only looks more beautiful feet slim but also extends the leg line, wear comfortable and very foreign.

The simple and atmospheric pointed lines allow the toes to stretch freely, highlighting women’s uncommon fashion taste and stepping out of infinite charm.

The charming small pointed design, extending the line of the back of the foot, after the foot temperament multiplied Oh, walking between highlighting the elegant and charming temperament of women.

Classic fine heels not only wear comfortable and high but also highlight the elegant and romantic side of women so that you are full of gas.

The extremely sexy charm of the black high heels, using chic pointed fine high heel shape, highlights the intellectual maturity charm.

The toe is then decorated with bright rhinestones, preserving the original chic degree while showing the light luxury and elegant style. The pointed toe shallow mouth shoe shape, but also very perfect to modify the curve of the soft instep.

The upper is made of high-quality silk satin fabric, so visually it looks very smooth and shiny, showing a delicate elegance, and the shoes also have good breathability, after the foot does not feel stuffy feet!

Wearing a pair of personality novel black high heels, walking in a sea of people will be particularly eye-catching Oh, especially the upper pearl bow embellishment trim, full of senior cadence.

Soft and comfortable material looks very textured. Pointed toe plus fine heel design, easy to wear a high temperament beauty, highlighting the unique charm of mature women! The overall shoe design, but also gives a sense of atmosphere and a faint sense of retro, to show a sense of senior and elegant life fashion. No matter what scene, as long as simple with clothing, it can betide gas not restrained, show your good taste Oh.

Lace shallow mouth pointed fine heel single shoes, using silver wire mesh, multi-material stitching, to create a multi-layered visual aesthetic, low-key and subtle without losing elegance, interpretation of modern metropolis fashionable tone it! Classic small pointed toe, showing a woman’s powerful aura.

And the black rhinestone trims on the upper so that the simple style does not look simple, very advanced and sophisticated, but also more fashionable and elegant. The design of the fine heel, easy to shape your perfect leg shape, shaping beautiful long legs.

There is a full British atmosphere, especially the pointed toe, to create an atmospheric flavor. The solid color tone is versatile, and the metal buckle is added without worrying about the matching problem.

The shoes are known as the most temperament of a single product, the material nature does not need to emphasize more. The surface layer is made of suede, which has a smooth plane and a delicate touch, and fits the foot very naturally. Inside the choice of PU material to create the body of the shoe, especially the wine glass heel design thus more suitable for wearing, bringing excellent comfort.


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