Black pointed toe fine high heels

Black pointed fine heels, really picky, but she did wear a new height of high heels!

In the choice of high heels color, black is not favored. We walk in the streets and alleys, and rarely see a woman wearing green high heels.

The beauty in the picture below is different and very bold. She then chose a pair of black thin high heels. From what she is wearing, the top is a clean white slim short sleeves, the bottom is a black skirt, with a pair of black high heels.

It can be said that there are three colors, although the color looks a lot, but gives the feeling that it is not complicated at all, but has a strong visual impact.

The main reason why we feel no sense of incongruity is that she is so beautiful. A tall body, a pair of thin and straight long legs, plus dark bright hair, a delicate face, is really a rare beauty. If the average woman wears this costume, definitely not so good-looking and absorbing!

Women with good bodies look good in everything they wear.

I advise the majority of women friends, to exercise fitness!

Author: iinylon

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