Black silk stockings in the office paper basket

It’s close to graduation so it’s time to go on an internship. For us interns, it was only natural to arrive early to clean the unit, and I was no exception.

The women were all in their thirties because I saw pictures of their three and four-year-old children on their desks when I came to clean early in the morning. They were all average looking, but dressed to look upscale, each with suits and stockings and high heels to dazzle me.

Early this morning, I was no exception when I came into the office and as I was clearing out the wastebaskets one by one, I saw a pair of black stockings in Ms. Wang’s wastebasket and I lit up, yes the same pair she wore yesterday. I think Ms. Wang is one of the prettier ones in our office, although she has single eyelids, she has a bit of a xiao yaxuan feel to her, and her body is not bad, especially the legs that are a bit thick but very straight. The woman was wearing these stockings yesterday, why did she throw them away?

I looked up at the clock and saw that it was only 7.30 am. I took the stockings out and shook the long hair that had fallen out when she was combing her hair (I forgot to tell you that she has long, wavy hair, which is very sexy) and I noticed that the stockings were turned upside down when she took them off, so I reached down and turned them over again, bit by bit, to get a better look. As my arms were wrapped in the black stockings, the softness and the exciting flesh tones underneath them made me feel like I had Ms. Wang’s legs were right in front of my eyes and I unconsciously sniffed them, the smell of which instantly sent my male hormones up.

This couldn’t be! Someone would be here in a moment, and I regained my composure and quickly slipped the stockings into my trouser pocket. As I sat down after cleaning up, I felt the sensation of the stockings in my trouser pocket.
At that moment, I heard the sound of high heels, was that her coming? Excitedly, I pulled out my camera and prepared to take a few shots of her, so I could see her legs as I fondled my stockings. She came in, moving with grace and sensuality, wearing grey stockings and new black high heels today.

Behind her, I quickly and skillfully pressed the shutter in quick succession. The job is done. Back at my table I tossed and turned, unable to settle down. I went to the toilet and took out the stockings to admire them. I finally found out why she had thrown them away, the inside of the stockings were scraped off. Is it ?

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