Black suit black high heels

Suit high heels, such a dressing to have the heart, otherwise, it does not show the cultivation of the aura, blazer lets you raise your hands and feet between the elegant, with a pair of high heels is full of charm.

Many people hate professional clothes, especially black suit style professional clothes, it is abandoned by many people, because the black professional clothes is very dull, but work clothes are actually very beautiful, such as this beauty in the picture, striped professional clothes are very attractive.

This beauty’s professional wear is not the traditional suit top half skirt, but with a suit top with a short skirt, although it is a solid color in the design of the increase in vertical stripes, stripes of the design of the suit in the calm with a touch of fashion, in the formal seriousness reveals a casual temperament, but not too dull and stable enough.

The vertical striped suit is considered to be the best business negotiation suit. The vertical striped suit also has a magical power to make business people look more fashionable and casual in addition to being authoritative. However, if worn on a casual occasion, it can also show a generous and elegant temperament. It is not overly flashy and can be the center of attention.

The vertical stripes have been favored by designers, especially in women’s clothing, can play a certain role in improving the figure, natural vertical lines, even if the leg line is not as good as the ladies can show the effect of slender and straight, with a pair of black glossy high heels on the feet, but also make the female figure looks more slender.

You can tuck the hem of your shirt into your pants to highlight the slim waistline. This way, you are a full urban white-collar beauty!

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