Cabin crew sells original stockings and uniforms, claiming to leave natural body fragrance

The stockings, shoes, and uniforms worn by flight attendants are sold online, and some people will actually buy them!

And some people bid 500 pounds for a pair of “original silk stockings” worn by flight attendants. All this is just because the flight attendant’s salary is too low…

According to a report by “Daily Mail” on April 14, a flight attendant said that their salary was too low, so they were “forced” to sell the clothes or shoes they wore online in order to obtain additional income.

According to reports, these flight attendants who sell their stockings and uniforms online come from top airlines such as easyJet, British Airways, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic and Emirates. Sell ​​your own second-hand clothes on eBay.

The main item sold is stockings

According to reports, many people will put the label “very old and leave my natural body fragrance” on the sale of such products for those customers who seem to have “strange habit” to buy.

A Norwegian airline flight attendant now says that it is this “shocking” and “very low” salary that has caused the “every flight” staff to sell their clothes to “strange hobbyists”.

The flight attendant, who asked not to be named, said that one of her worn-out tights was recently offered for 500 pounds, and the flight attendant intends to accept this price and sell the tights to customers.

The flight attendant also said that 500 pounds is a lot for them. She said: “People think our life is full of charm. But I don’t think they realize that in order to balance our expenses, we have to sell our old clothes.”

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