Centipede spirit’s wedding high heels: the MB diamond buckle set earlier than the wedding

The company’s best friend is looking at wedding high shoes in New York, and she bought RV’s diamond buckle, and I took a look at Manolo Blahnik.

At that time, I thought the blue diamond buckle was a special series, and I happened to buy it in a hurry when Saks issued a discount code. The result is that three years later, Saks Nordstrom’s major shopping malls are still selling, code full, it seems that the price has not increased .

Do not know what they were anxious about.

The 7cm heel height is stable, very good to wear, elegant and temperament, blue diamond buckle with the United States something blue tradition.

I wedding in Beijing, do not need something blue, and I do not know if the lawn wedding can wear satin high heels, buy wedding shoes too early bad.

Anyways, as the earliest wedding shoes, I bought, I still have a lot of feelings for them, wedding posing can always be used!

The drill button is a bright aqua blue  ~


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