Dark green model pointed toe patent leather high heels with gray ultra short skirt

The sisters who wear a lot of high heels will certainly find some tips on shoes for height modification, because high heels often go with skirts, as the most classic model of dressing in the workplace, so how to choose a pair of high heels that make themselves look perfectly proportioned and extremely comfortable?

I have a lot of sisters around me, usually for high heels is also very favorite, so buy a lot of shoes in the closet inside put, but the critical moment needs a pair to match the specific occasion when you find it difficult to have a pair of very match.

Sometimes the shoes you choose are very like, but there is no suitable clothes to match it, specifically for a pair of shoes with a set of clothes, it can not be worn several times a year. So I personally feel that choosing high heels as long as two colors will be able to match all the scenarios you need, as well as a large number of clothes inside the closet. One is never wrong black models, the other is more similar to the black dark models! These colors can easily match your mature temperament, specifically, take a look at it!

First of all, the dark green models closer to the black pointed high heels, this pair of shoes because of the patent leather, in the cold light below will present a serious dark green, but under the warm light will be flooded with silvery white light, of course, the color of the shoes themselves that sense of mystery or irreplaceable.

It is not that light-colored heels are necessarily not suitable for sisters with, mainly in order not to be prone to error, dark-colored will be easy to do with a variety of different colors of clothing, but light-colored because too bright reasons, most of the time is to specifically choose a set with.

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