Do you want to be a stewardess? Where does the stewardess attract you?

Do you want to be a stewardess? Where does the stewardess attract you?

About 80% of the girls in China want to be in the flight attendant industry. They don’t care about running around the country all year round. They just follow the airline’s recruitment activities and hope to join their big family. ! It is not uncommon for thousands of people to compete for dozens or even a few places. At the same time, you are more puzzled. Where does the stewardess attract you?

Meimei, who can dress up every day, has a high salary, and meets the rich and the rich, how happy it should be!

   2. Besides being able to fly everywhere, there is a high salary. Fly domestic routes: earn five or six thousand, fly international routes: fly more and earn more than 10,000 monthly income.

  3. The job is very decent. After all, when it comes to flight attendants, everyone remembers them as gentle, beautiful and generous, with a face, a figure, and a connotation.

  4. Recruitment requirements are strict in appearance and physique. Being selected can prove yourself!

   5. Be able to meet different people, know and understand different cultures.

   6. Take this opportunity to travel around the world and broaden your horizons!

  7. Difficulties in obtaining employment. It is difficult for masters and doctors to find suitable jobs after graduation, and the salary after finding them is not as high as that of flight attendants!

   8. Every time you work, there will be new challenges, and different cooperative teams can make more friends!

   In fact, there are bitterness behind the glamorous profession. Do you know all of these?
1. At present, the monthly salary of domestic flight attendants for ordinary positions is roughly 5,000 yuan. According to the mechanism of “flying more, getting more benefits”, adjustments to international and domestic routes, and job changes, the income will fluctuate to varying degrees. Intern flight attendants have to pay a training fee for a monthly income of 1,000 yuan. In Air China, flight attendants recruited from professional schools have an internship period of approximately 3 months; those recruited from the society have at least 6 months of internship.

2. The flight attendant has a fixed schedule for daily work content. In addition to getting ready to arrive at the airport in advance, it is also necessary to know whether there are special passengers on the flight, such as babies, patients, etc., and take emergency measures in time .

  3. Flying international routes: flying more, earning more than 10,000 monthly income. According to a flight attendant from China Eastern Airlines, her classmate in Thai Airways flies only 50 to 60 hours a month, and the flight subsidy can reach 20,000 yuan; another classmate in Japan Airlines, flying 70 hours a month, his income It also reached 13,000 yuan to 14,000 yuan.

  4. In the event of flight delays or other emergencies, you have to bear scolding or anger from passengers, and then you have to smile and provide the best quality service.

   5. I often have to get up early in the morning, put on makeup, and set up clothes and set off.

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