Fetish man pushes young girl down: Don’t move, I just want silk stockings

The company is a member of the Board of Directors of the National Institute of Technology. But Zhang has a special hobby, is to steal and collect girls’ stockings.

One night at the end of October this year, Zhang went to a restaurant in Yuhuatai District with some friends and drank a lot of wine. The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. As there are many hair washing rooms near this hotel, Zhang sneaked into the hair washing room’s attendant’s dormitory and prepared to steal. The first time there is no harvest, Zhang rush to the second washroom, sneaks into the girls’ dormitory to see, there is no hanging panties hanging to dry and other things, but the bed lay a young woman is sleeping.

Zhang wanted to leave for another burglary, but the young woman was not asleep and suddenly rolled over and sat up, seeing that Zhang was a stranger, he asked loudly what he wanted. Zhang took a look at the whereabouts were recognized, went up to the woman Wu pressed down on the bed, and covered Wu’s mouth so that she did not shout out. Zhang then also nervously shouted to Wu: “Don’t move, don’t shout, I want the stockings.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public. Then, when Zhang was ready to leave, another waitress from the hair washing room went back to her room to rest and saw Zhang clinging to him and shouting for help. Soon after, other staff from the washroom arrived and combined their efforts to catch Zhang and call the police.

After being caught, Zhang confessed to his crime and explained that he knew he had a fetish but did not seek medical help. As his love life was not going well either, Zhang went online to join a  group to seek excitement. This group is full of people who are fetishists and like to steal and steal collections of women’s underwear and stockings and in the group. Zhang was keen to try it when he saw what others had and their experience of stealing. As Zhang failed to steal by force, he has constituted the crime of robbery.

Recently, the Yuhuatai District Prosecutor’s Office to robbery will review and prosecute Zhang. The prosecutor handling the case told reporters that robbery is a felony, Zhang knew that the disease does not go to treatment leading to crime, this approach is really undesirable, but also to people with similar diseases play a warning role. And fetish is a psychological disease, but not a mental illness, Zhang is obliged to take full responsibility for his actions.


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