Finally find the bare legs without prosthetic thick flesh-colored pantyhose tights

Finally, find the bare legs without prosthetic thick flesh-colored pantyhose tights.

A summer wearing no less than 20 stockings, the weather has recently become colder wearing thin stockings has begun to freeze legs itchy, it is time to start on thick flesh-colored pantyhose, after all, my old cold legs can not hold up.

Since last year, I have been looking for thick flesh-colored pantyhose, but the ones I bought were super fake and super white, but I have learned a lot of experience.

To be natural, you have to buy a double layer, really a lot more natural than a single layer, a single layer is not found naturally.

But the disadvantage of the double layer is that the outside layer is easy to be broken by the nail hook, wear disposable gloves on it.

Last year, I have been eager to try the thick flesh-colored pantyhose that are windier, but then I didn’t buy the thick flesh-colored pantyhose when I got cold and changed to black tights.

Now that it’s getting cold again, I’m starting to study thick flesh-colored pantyhose again and I bought the Malfoy’s first to try it out. Wear instantaneous grinding skin, the effect is really absolute also sent disposable gloves Oh.

The right side is bare legs, the left side wore, the effect is not much to say, see for yourself.

I 165 wearings will not be short Oh, tall sisters can also buy.

I bought the thin section of the skin, the color is supernatural.

Tomorrow I’m going to wear to work, Shandong this 8-20 degree day can not be my legs freezing Wait a few days cold, and then buy thick models.

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