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Love food

Since I have been with Master, he has always found ways to improve our food. The big pot of rice lacking oil and salt was not good. At noon, it was usually two dishes and one soup. Master bought cilantro and spinach, washed them, put them on the induction cooker and cooked them in a pot for a few minutes, and mixed them with sesame oil and chili. We basically eat three meals a day with rice and vegetables.

“How about treating you guys to baked fish tomorrow?” Xiao Li said.
“Sell potatoes, cabbage, enoki mushrooms put inside a piece of cooking more delicious.” I suggested with a drool.
“I’ll buy these vegetables.” The master said, “Call the sixth they eat together, more people to eat livelily.
“Oh, tomorrow there will be a mouthful.”

There is a grilled fish store near the foot spa business is very prosperous, their homemade grilled fish salty and delicious. The next day Xiao Li called for grilled fish. Grilled fish with cilantro and peanuts, stewed with lotus roots and potatoes, roasted below the charcoal fire. After eating we had to take the grilled fish plate back to the people. The fish was grilled first and then stewed in the dish. The skin of the fish is charred, the flesh of the fish is tasty, slightly spicy, and not very spicy kind. Soon several of us ate almost all of this grilled fish.

“Add some vegetables to it.” Number six said.
“I like to eat potatoes, put some more.”
It didn’t take long to cook and eat again. The soup soaked in the grilled fish absorbed the freshness and salty spiciness of the grilled fish. The dishes also became extra delicious, and we chatted and ate the grilled fish in a lively and satisfying way.

Master’s skill is also good, often fried an egg fried leek, chili fried meat or something. We often put the fatty meat in the pot of rice in the microwave oven to heat up, and then take out the oil from the fatty meat and put it away, so that when the cold dish is mixed, occasionally eat the leftover charred fatty meat is also very good.
Sometimes you don’t want to drink porridge at night, buy a ham sausage, cut it into pieces, and put it into the instant noodles and then an egg in the noodles is put into the microwave and beat the heat together delicious.

“Have you ever eaten meatball soup?” Number six asked
“Have not eaten, you can do it?
“Of course I can, I’ll make breakfast for you guys tomorrow.”
The next day the fragrant meatballs and greens soup was served up, the meatballs were sinewy and fragrant and the soup was very good.
“How do you make it?”

“Break up the meat and put ginger and onion and mix well, squeeze it into balls with your hands, and put it into the boiling water. After ten minutes under the vegetables, put the seasoning, salt can be.
Because the store has more than two dozen people, the dishes are packed in buckets, the chef is sometimes cut up and put in the water to cook certainly not as good as fried. We often make our own dishes to eat. Occasionally there is a radish stewed pork ribs, fried chicken, or something everyone rushes to play rice to eat, then the minister will say “line up in line, do not crowd all have.” We have two ministers who are arranging guests, serving tea and water, and arranging technicians on the clock. Food is also the minister’s job.

The boys and ministers of the foot massage parlor would also have small gatherings to sell some wine, duck, and naan beer to eat. The naan is very tasty with tomato sauce on it. The duck also sells cold dishes such as lotus root, seaweed, and enoki mushrooms, which are spicy and refreshing. They ate the duck head, cold dishes, and drank beer very comfortable chatting about the day.

Winter dinner party favorite hot pot, gluttonous hot pot is the best, thin broth cooked fresh lamb, dipped in sesame sauce is delicious. You can also cook some vegetables and shrimp, eggs in it. The clear soup is stewed with bones, floating with cinnamon and red dates, and the sesame sauce tastes savory. This store is doing a brisk business. Podiatrists are a bunch of happy eaters.


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