Foot Massage Female Technician:Different guests

Different guests

We often meet different guests and talk with them to understand their side of life. Most of the guests who come here are here to enjoy the technology. A very few are annoying, but they are very few.
You can’t judge a person here by what he or she wears. There are billionaires who dress like migrant workers, wearing seemingly ordinary clothes. But chatting with him, I learned that he has two cell phones and takes many calls every day. He said, “I really want to get rid of all the phones, my heart is tired.”

“You massage how to make so many calls.”
“No way, busy ah, running a company, follow me to fight the world of brothers to eat, not for the sake of these brothers, I have long quit, people tired heart more tired.”
Are you free tonight? Invite you to dinner. ”
“Do not go no time. ”
“My two lovers, one is a Xinjiang beauty, college student. I pay her tuition, living expenses, the other bought a house in Hubei.
“Are you still quite bold? Does your wife know? ”

“That can not let her know, the wife is still the most intimate. Besides, we have a son.”
“Where are you from? ”
“Sichuan, there was an earthquake, I was sleeping in the house, the house shook, I just know the earthquake to run outside, my family that housekeeper early ran to the open space outside the house forgot to call me.

I laughed out loud at that. And he talked for a long time, so I understand that rich people also have their helplessness.

Another female guest who came back from work in the United States told me about her travel experience in Ningxia, Gansu, and Tibet with her classmates when she was in college in China. In Gansu, we ate Lanzhou Ramen noodles and stayed in small hotels, and had a great time. She went to the Ming Sha Mountain in Dunhuang and the Potala Palace in Tibet to learn about the local people and food. I was so envious that she later went to the United States to find an American husband. Now living in the United States, this time back is to visit their parents. She has ordered me several times is a very good person.

There were also some officials who came to the meeting, they were obviously the mayor and other officials but lied to me that they were migrant workers, dressed in suits, four or five people came, a male podiatrist also put an official’s white shirt accidentally in the water basin. The people around us joked: “You are going to wear clothes with foot wash to meet the leader? ”

“White clothes have yellow watermarks, others will know what you did when they think about it.”
The other officials around laughed. Finally, the foot therapist took the clothes to the water room for him to wash and blow-dry and ironed to bring over.

There are also drivers to massage, are urged to press how long to finish, they are to wait at the door before the leaders come out, the little followers are not good.

Occasionally will also come to travel to rest guests, foot massage is the first basin of water to wash the feet, pour the water and then press the feet, legs, and back. We are often tired and sweaty when we have customers who are under pressure. Pressing along the meridians, so that the guests eliminate fatigue, a clock down already back pain.

There is love to talk we will also chat with him, do not love to talk to sleep until the end of the massage. Some guests always like to say: “Please go to dinner.” Generally, I will refuse, I know very well the truth that there is no free lunch, and do not want to climb that high branch to meet rich people.

Foot therapists sometimes encounter very forceful customers who always order him to do. The customer will feel sorry for making you sweat so much.

The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot of money from the company, and you will also be able to get a lot of money from the company.


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