Foot Massage Female Technician:First Heart

First Heart

I’ve been on the street for a while and still haven’t found a suitable job. I had been in the hot pot restaurant for half a year and wanted to change my job. The waiter’s salary was too low. I graduated from high school and wanted to earn more money to send home. It seems that the job service category is only a thousand yuan, which is not enough for me. Suddenly, I saw a foot spa down the street with a good monthly salary.

I heard a good sister say that the pay for doing pedicures is quite good. I went in and stepped on the wooden floor steps upstairs, and at the reception on the second floor stood several foot therapists wearing Chinese lapel clothes. The manager looked at me and asked, “Are you here to apply for a job?” The manager was wearing a black dress suit, tied in a ponytail, with a pair of Danfeng eyes. Bright eyebrows and white teeth look very shrewd.

“I came here to take a look, may I ask how long you have to learn this ah?”
The manager pointed to a taller girl and said, “She is the sixth o’clock rate is very high, people have only learned a month.”

I think if a month is not bad, after two or three years of work can save some money for themselves. Before not understand this line always feel that this line is not good, men and women are not taught, and later heard that people who have done this line just do manual work, no big deal to do this line.

“To pay tuition?” I asked
“Pay five hundred yuan of tuition, enough to do half a year to return to you,” the manager said.
“You pay the money to take the clothes to change it.” The manager instructed the girl named Six to get me a set of clothes, and then went into a house called Fulu.
“New here. ” said number six
“This is your master will have him to teach you, he has brought several apprentices, fast to learn half a month, slow to learn a month.
I took a look at the boy, he was wearing a T-shirt short, round face, curved eyebrows, smiling eyes, very clean boy

“You start learning now, let number six be your target.”

The sixth heard a happy lie on the massage bed, the master began to teach me in detail. Even learned a few movements, just not familiar with repeated practice, practice will be number six was called to the clock, another girl called number twelve to let me learn foot massage.

“Why do you all call the number no name?” I said.

Honestly, no one wants to pinch that stinky foot. But is no education to find a job with a high salary of helplessness practice will be tired of talking with the twelfth.

“Why do you all call the number without a name,” I said
This is for the sake of the clock, the convenience of scheduling the clock so. My name is Xiao Li.

In the days after this Xiaoli became my good partner, often no work to me as a target, the master finally taught me to point, hand every time the point of raw pain, scraping the footboard hand joints are up a big bag, the bag there is pus, I put the pus with a needle to pick through the raw pain. Master said: “Do not practice calluses, scraping the feet very painful, so as to practice the level.

I tend to be a chronic person, sometimes tired will rest, lying in bed all sore and do not want to get up again, on this time to stop practicing, to a month of time or lack of fire, but the store is very busy also gave me on the number eight plate.

We foot therapists sell strength and technology, the first time on the clock actually more than thirty minutes, but also by the manager criticized the back of the time is not mastered. Podiatrists have a waiting room with many cabinets to put podiatrist things. There are sets of hair that can sit on it to watch TV, we are on the clock, no clock on the rest, there is a room for the pedicurist to sleep.


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