Foot Massage Female Technician:I’m in love.

I’m in love

  After six months of being a podiatrist, the environment and NPCs became familiar with each other. My relationship with the master and I also became subtle, from mutual annoyance to each other have a good feeling. Just that we do not say, anyone. Master has a pair of fox eyes, the nose is very straight, round face. He is hardworking and serious, and his o’clock rate is very high. We do not say anyone just gets along. Then a sister saw it and set us up. I first sent a text message: “Would you like to make friends with me?” “Yes,” and so we started dating.

Just fall in love with each other every day to see each other’s eyes are light, there was a girl who also chased master, always stick to the master and her chat, but also buy roast chicken to his fox friends to eat. Also played rice to the master. But the master did not agree. But this makes my relationship with the master developed rapidly. On Christmas Day, Master gave me a Nokia slider phone. I do not like to owe people, shopping for Xidan to buy him a set of Li Ning sportswear. After shopping at Xidan, we went to Beihai Park.

“As a child singing, ‘we swing the oar,’ is here to see that the North White Tower?”
“See, this park is so big ah.”
“This is all the Ming and Qing buildings, look at that rockery there is a pavilion.”
“Go up and take a look.”

There are ancient pine trees on the rockery with the names of the trees. The tree grows pale and handsome, green and lush. On both sides of the pavilion are two large stone monuments. There are two large turtles carved in stone carrying the monuments. On them are written words in regular script, followed by Tibetan text. Walking down from the rockery and passing a promenade, which is more than ten meters long, there are painted cultural stories carved on the top of the promenade. Red-painted pillars stretch past in rows.

“The lake is frozen, look at all the people there.”
“Let’s go and join in the fun.”
There is a let by the lake in the sale of ice skating chairs, there are joyful, baby pigs behind the head attached to the chair, the following is the iron bars, with a stick propped up to row, although a little cold but rowing very happy, you chase me in the ice gallop. There is a tour group of a dozen people.

One even a large series of people on the ice in circles, everyone’s face is swept away with a smile. Play will not see the master, I went to look for him when I saw him and a child in the ice poking trying to dig a hole, ice scum is in the hole, the hole dug through the water poured in. The child said the ice was not very deep.

“Let’s go, you are destroying the ice surface ah.” When we left the kid was still poking and playing.
It was getting late and we couldn’t find a bus stop out of Beihai Park. Walking in the alley, with all kinds of bars, dim lights, soothing music, people seem to have found spiritual support here. The backwaters were also iced over, with groups of people skating on the ice in zones.

“There are fried kebabs.” At the end of an alley, someone was pushing a cart and buying fried gluten, chicken, and other food. The aroma of cumin and grilled meat came to my nose.
“Buy a few skewers, they look delicious.”
We bought skewers of meat and ate them as we walked, happy in the applause of the backwaters of the night.
“There is a hot pot restaurant and a barbecue restaurant here, come and eat next time.”

“How about eating at Gluttony?”
He put his arm around my shoulders and leaned over my shoulder as we walked aimlessly through the night.

“Look at the sixty-two bus stop sign.”
“Find the car and go back.”
So much for a simple, happy day.

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