Foot Massage Female Technician:Master


The master is very strict with me, one or two movements are not standardized to start over, but I am an acute person, said a few times and then impatient.

“Why are you so strict? You don’t need to be perfect. I said.
“That can not be, do it well” Master said.
“You’re as stinky and hard as a rock.”
“I’ve never seen such an unprofessional student.”
“I haven’t seen such an unproductive master.”

Although I always talked back to the master, also he taught carefully and seriously. I have not complained once since I went on the clock, and the master is very serious in everything he does. But he was very fond of exposing my shortcomings.

“Look at your strength is not big enough.”
“How strong do I need to be as a girl?”
As long as we are in a cloakroom, we fight, no one will let anyone, but in my heart is convinced of him. I can’t fold the quilt as neatly as tofu.

The ponytail is really like a ponytail. “He laughed out loud, this prank I was speechless, in my first six months of work, he always had this attitude. Opened up my defenses, fighting became the norm between us.

Doing a line of people is easy to let people misunderstand, a clock down is actually very tired, sixty minutes of the foot, thirty minutes of body massage, with the weight of the force to be proportional, the bottom of the feet have Chung Quan points, sciatic nerve, heart, liver, spleen, stomach, and kidney reflex nerve points, the point of the hands are painful, but also scrape the footplate, scraping vertical scraping, hands are worn out calluses.

Body massage we are using the hands and elbow strength to do, to be honest quite tired. But relative to other industries masseur base salary of three thousand is also considered good, a point of sweat a point of gain this industry is so.

The master is also on the clock and high o’clock rate. He is willing to sell his strength and good technology, my admiration for the heart slowly reveals its head, although from time to time fighting mouth also heart to him quite praise. Sometimes I was replaced by people who were subjected to a lot of effort, and he graciously accepted the next row. The technician is arranged according to the card, a little clock of the card does not move can also do a few more work, no o’clock can only rotate the card, rest can watch TV, eat.

Sometimes I am watching TV and he wants to watch the sports channel.
“How do you watch the sports channel?”
“Don’t you watch it too?”
“Who said I watch HN TV, okay. “For this reason, we always fight.

Chapter I:Foot Massage Female Technician:First Heart

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