Foot Massage Female Technician:New Friend

New Friend

   Xiaoli, a pedicure therapist, helped me a lot. She is from Henan, with a round face, bright eyes, and a little chloasma on her cheeks. She is very simple.
One day she took me to her house after work. She took me by bike. We bought spicy skewers on the way and put them in the bicycle basket.
went in and looked at the roundabout basement in a tall building. She walked around several rooms and led me to a room with a double bed. Her husband is working as a security guard. The couple lives in this ten-square-meter hut.
“You are still clean, the beds and cabinets are very warm.”
“That’s it, let’s make do with it”
“We live in the dormitory for six people and it’s very crowded, but in summer it’s good to have an air conditioner.”
“My basement is warm in winter and cool in summer, so it’s not too hot for you to come here.
“I didn’t feel hot.”
“We both feasted and ate the spicy skewers.” After eating the spicy skewers, we chatted for a while, and I was there fell asleep next to him. In the future, we often help each other with meals and watch TV together to do room hygiene and other things. If someone can do things with me, I feel very happy and not alone. Not only these, but she also taught me to deal with all kinds of customers. Persisting in winning with technology is her standard of doing things. She, like the master, is a person with a high o’clock rate.
Sometimes we would lie in the waiting bell room and give each other a tired message. Xiaoli is a family with children, and the grandparents of the children bring her and her husband out to earn money to support the family. Although I miss my children, there is no way to work part-time to make the life of my family better.
“Do you miss a child?” I asked.
“There is nothing you don’t want, wait for another two years to save enough money, go back to open a small supermarket.”
“I also want to make more money.”
“If you do this business for a long time, you will get cervical spondylosis and low back pain.”
“Then I won’t do it for another two years.”
“What do you think of your master?”
“I thought it was good at first, but I think he is very annoying when he is always sarcasm.”
“He is like that, he didn’t have any bad intentions to mess with you.” Li said with a smile.
We have a great time together every day. The foot therapists are formed into a small group of two or three people. It is not easy for one person to do anything. The sisters here are very good, and the friendship here is simple and happy.

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