Half of the girls have the trouble of wearing pantyhose that always fall out of the crotch!

I believe that every girl in the wintertime has common trouble, that is, padded thick socks, padded thick socks, in the girls seem to be simply loved and hate winter equipment.

Don’t look at the girl in front of you, the surface looks beautiful walking with the wind, but in fact, it is likely that her socks pants crotch has fallen to the middle of the thigh!

@dingdingisstrawberry: their toenails can be described as poisonous teeth, obviously, just cut clean toenails, but just wear the first day of padded thick socks, but actually poked by the toe into a hole, a heart that pain! You can cut your nails and buy pantyhose, but you don’t have to pay to cut your nails, but you do have to pay to buy pantyhose!

@I’llMakeSabotage: She said she might be a sock killer because, in the short winter, she wore broken socks that could be used for a circle in the neighborhood, didn’t anyone tell her that the padded and thickened socks with holes could be used for stocking tea? And don’t you think about why your pantyhose are always broken? It is likely that you are not suitable for winter!

@WhiteRabbit: think that wearing socks in the winter is simply to use torture on yourself because socks can be strained even nails to ischemic necrosis feeling … face so strong, I can only say that maybe your winter is not cold, or maybe your winter is in GZ, because if you have been to the north, you will know how important padded thick socks outside in the north in the end!

@kittengiant: In the morning when you go out to work you have been feeling stomach pain, then you start to Baidu their own symptoms, after Baidu feel that they are not far from that head, and then ready to go to the hospital to check, before leaving the company to go to the toilet only to find out that the original because of today’s wear of padded thickening even socks pants strangled too tight. What can I say in the face of such a smart little partner? I can only give you a silent nod of approval, is your waist size suitable for what kind of pantyhose, there is no number in your heart? This kind of pot-padded and thickened sock pants said not to carry!

@personalbeauty: proud to have a pair of long legs, but after the winter, if you want to reveal the long legs, all the beautiful fantasies are defeated in front of the pantyhose, because like her kind of long legs of tall people wearing pantyhose, either not stick block, or then pull up hard when pulling toe deformation, in short, no matter how to wear is not comfortable unless the pantyhose cut, only pants!

I really do not worry to say that I hope that the manufacturers of socks should consider the needs of female customers above 1 meter 7, because he even bought three stores of socks found that as long as she wore up all will have fallen out of gear! Is it that tall people are not born to wear pantyhose? No! This is not the fault of tall people, this is the fault of the merchant, and the merchant should take the blame!

The winter has arrived, which girl’s closet does not have a few pantyhose, and pantyhose for girls can not only play a warm role, but also make your legs look slimmer, but you will also have the trouble of falling out of gear?

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