Here is the buyer’s show of thick flesh-colored pantyhose you want!

Using my past experience in choosing bottoming pantyhose, I was told that there are several points that I must pay attention to when buying thick flesh-colored pantyhose: no crotch drop, no pilling, close to the skin, and color close to the real skin tone.

I chose the Baunas filter socks, natural color 200g, suitable for autumn and winter wear.

In fact, my body skin is relatively white, but I did not choose the most white number, afraid of false white or too solid.

After receiving the actual socks, I felt that the color of the socks was darker than my skin color, but after wearing them, they were a suitable, not black, very natural color, and not too bright, so that people would not be concerned about my muscular little thick legs.

The quality of the socks is very good, no matter how you pull, there is no deformation or holes.

The skin tightness and fit is very good, so there is a slimming effect on the legs, and the small fat is tightly wrapped.

I like the toe design, it’s thin and doesn’t produce too much pressure on the toes, it’s very comfortable and not easy to hook, if you feel cold in winter, you can put a thick sock outside.

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