High heels make you noble and elegant, making leg length and height closer to the golden ratio

High heels can visually make a person look taller and slimmer, elongating the length of the legs to keep the leg to foot line smooth, so that the leg length and height closer to the golden ratio, girls usually only wear high heels when they want to participate in major events. After all, high heels are more tired compared to other styles of sneakers and casual shoes, however, high heels are the most attractive, as long as you wear a pair of high heels that suit you, the girl’s overall aura does not become very low, high heels are a thing that makes you become noble and elegant necessities, most clothes can be well matched.

A pair of fashionable pointed fine heel high heels, comfortable and beautiful at the same time, wear beautiful and not tired feet, but also can instantly enhance the clothing grade, so that you queen aura full, but also can elongate the leg line and modify the foot type, in fact, comfortable and wearable is the hard truth. Fine heeled high heels have a fashionable charm that is not easy to fall behind, fashionable and beautiful fine heel, leather soft upper on the foot full of temperament. Many times it presents the noble elegance of women, so you have dreamy femininity, and sometimes not overly flashy very low-key, is an indispensable item for women in the workplace.

A pair of fashionable high heels both fashionable and not tired feet, especially the choice of black shoes, so that the whole person will become elegant and gentle, just because very simple and generous can give off your elegant temperament, and make yourself more fashionable and temperamental up. You can match a variety of styles of clothing, and will make you more magnanimous, there are some people who seem to be born to manage this kind of fine heel shoes.

A lot of ladies whether it is to work or shopping, like to wear pointed high heels because the pointed design has the effect of modifying the foot contour, our calves look more slender, fine heel design to meet you high and upright, showing the style of a celebrity, this pointed fine heel is a shoe that allows women to show charm, many women need to wear high heels every day, choose this pair of high heels to make your beauty dance between the feet, pulling up the height while lengthening the leg proportion, adding women’s dynamic charm, you may think I’m a little exaggerated, the good and bad of high heels only women who wear high heels every day understand.

The high heels are made of a silky fabric with rhinestones, and careful observation of some of the subtle patterns above makes it look less monotonous and boring, which is also a pair of unique professional style high heels, the overall black as the tone design is not only wearable effect but also adds a lot of noble light mature style, easily create an elegant taste. Combined with the pointed toe modeling design, dressing extraordinarily competent atmosphere, feminine taste does not diminish which, more tall high heel modeling design, enhance the temperament and confidence.

Do you need to wear socks to wear high heels?

Some people ask me to wear formal wear with high heels need to wear socks, what is formal wear? My understanding of formal wear is western pants with a white shirt or a shirt with a short skirt. Of course, everyone’s understanding of formal wear is different, but in fact, it’s pretty much the same. From the point of view of grooming and dressing culture, women need to wear stockings, and long stockings, especially on formal occasions such as speeches, academic conferences, award meetings, foreign business, etc. If you attend any ball, party, casual shopping, it depends on your mood. But stockings are not for all occasions, and as mentioned at the beginning, it is best to be more formal. As the old saying goes, beauty depends on the legs, and obviously, a pair of beautiful legs can add a lot of color to a girl, and stockings can make a girl’s legs look as good as possible!

How much do you know about the dangers of high heels?

The last thing I want to tell you is that although high heels look good, they have many bad effects on the body, such as foot deformation, wearing high heels the body’s center of gravity will fall on the ball of the foot, bunions, the toe of the shoe is too pointed, squeezing the thumb, it will cause bunions, for ladies who like to wear and often wear high heels there is no harm in wearing high heels. But for people who like to wear flat shoes, high heels simply have no benefit. This is still mainly a matter of habit.


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