How to get the silk stockings pantyhoses of a woman you know?

Many people want to get their hands on the stockings, pantyhose, and other kinds of socks of women you know?

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Here are a few things that will teach you to get the stockings of someone you know.

If you want to get the stockings of which you know a woman, first of all, you must first understand his habits, see what he likes and what he loves to play. Below I present two examples of the stockings I got.

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1. one of my classmates, long especially beautiful, and I finally divided in a unit, because I chased her in school, but also did not chase her, to the unit I want to get her more, but more, unfortunately, she has been married, so it did not dissuade me, her used stockings and panties became my favorite, how can I get it, finally I thought of a way, she likes flowers, one day I deliberately from the first thing you need to do is to get a few pots of flowers from the flower market and tell her that a friend gave them to me, my family has them, so I don’t want to give them to you. I said you go downstairs to move it, I have a little leg pain, for such good news, the woman will not say anything, she will take the initiative to go downstairs to move because women love to get cheap, note that at this time you have to fly to the bathroom to find, this is a good opportunity ah, generally in the bathroom Ken will have The first time, I got an original stocking and panties.

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2. I have a neighbor at home in the school of health to go to a particularly beautiful, I also want to get her silk stockings, she loves the Internet, often at home alone online, I pretend to know a special computer look, no matter who’s a computer, as long as often online, there will be a dead situation, seize this opportunity, I said your computer often dead, she said yes, you can fix it, I said of course, and then I began to repair up, But do not repair the bad just take apart the chassis on the line, I believe this who will, when I get open to say that there is hardware too much soil, need to insert a little, tell her, just need the kind of socks that women wear in the summer but do not say socks, otherwise, she will take the usual socks, how no force ah, I said stockings on the piece, no damage, the results she agreed to.

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