Husband/boyfriend/male lover always likes to kiss your feet, is that normal?

Husband/boyfriend/male lover always likes to kiss your feet, is that normal?

Summer is here, and more and more people wear sandals. Many readers strongly requested an article on “foot fetish” in the background, and I will arrange it for everyone today.

The premise is good. I think it’s good. Like it. If there is anything you want to see in the future, please leave a message and let me continue to arrange it~??

Speaking of foot fetish, have you ever experienced this: Sometimes the other half always likes to kiss your feet before having sex? Or like the way you wear stockings and high heels?

This situation is likely to be “foot fetish” or “foot control”.

Social psychologists have done data research, and about one in seven men has had a fantasy about the feet of the opposite sex at least once.

In other words, one in seven men is interested in the feet of the opposite sex.

But if you just like it, it’s not necessarily a foot fetish, and the number of people who actually develop into a foot fetish is much smaller than this data.

And compared to other fetishes, foot fetish seems to be more common, and has even received widespread attention from the academic and medical circles.

So, what is foot fetish? Is it normal? Why would anyone like jiojio? Today, let’s talk about it seriously.

What is foot fetish?

In fact, foot fetish is a kind of fetish.

It is the behavior of having a special obsession with other people’s feet, stockings, shoes, etc., and obtaining sexual satisfaction from this behavior.

This kind of infatuation generally far exceeds the liking for other parts of the body.

Different people like it to different degrees. Some may be satisfied by their own imagination, some may be satisfied by looking at photos of the opposite sex’s feet, some may like to suck their toes, and some may need to be used by the other half. Ravaged yourself with your feet.

And the way they like it is different. Some like toes, some like soles, some like bare feet, and some people just like the smell of feet wearing silk stockings.

Is foot fetish common?

If you also like feet, then you are not alone at all.

A survey of “sexual fetishes” by the University of Bologna showed that among all kinds of “sexual fetishes”, “physique fetishes” accounted for 33%. Among these 33% of the population, “foot fetishes” accounted for the highest proportion. , Accounting for 47%.

Fetishism accounts for 30%. Among these 30% people, foot-related items such as shoes, socks, and anklets account for as much as 32%, which is higher than those who love underwear and underwear.

Our country has had foot fetish since ancient times, and there are many ways to use feet to help sex. Some people are addicted to licking their feet, and even infatuated with shoes and socks. In modern times, stocking control is actually one of the branches of foot fetish.

According to a recent survey conducted by Lovehoney, “foot fetish” has been ranked as the sixth most popular fetish preference in the UK, and it is more common among men than women.

It is said that Gu Hongming has a special habit for women’s glamorous feet. Of course, he prefers small feet. Kang Youwei understands him and gives him a banner of “satisfaction and happiness”.

There is also the movie of Makoto Shinkai, which is more appropriate to control the welfare~

Some websites even have special appreciating and scoring feet of celebrities from all over the world, so do you understand how common foot fetishes are?

So you can’t be guilty of the shame of this little preference. There are no standards and definitions of people’s likes. Whether you are foot control, face control or leg control, it is actually the same.

After all, it’s normal to like breasts. What’s wrong with feet?

Every organ is a part of the human body. As long as it is controlled within a reasonable range without affecting others or your normal life and health, then there is nothing, don’t worry too much.

Why do many people like feet?

There are many reasons why a person likes feet or footwear, the most common are the following:

01. Cultural influence

In ancient China, bare feet for women was a taboo.

This is why it is difficult to see women’s feet in ancient paintings. In the erotic pictures of the Song Dynasty and later, no matter how beautiful the artist paints women, you just can’t see her feet.

Even those bold painters only dared to paint the appearance of women binding their feet or beginning to bind their feet.

And in the age of binding feet, the small feet were called “three-inch golden lotus” acridine. How advanced is this name? The person who named this must also love this kind of little feet~

Foot binding in ancient China was indeed very unkind, but the relationship between feet and sex did exist in ancient times. Someone once compared feet to female private parts.

This kind of precipitation memory that has existed since ancient times will be retained in the male subconscious, even if it is not a foot fetish, it will always like tender and smooth feet.

Even our famous poetry fairy Li Bai has a description of women’s feet: the feet on the clogs are like frost, without crow’s head socks.

It means that the feet without socks on the clogs are as delicate and white as cream.

In addition, psychologist Freud believes that because women’s feet are hidden in China, men gain psychological pleasure by peeping at such hidden parts.

02. Neural coincidence

The picture is again the psychologist Freud believes that he said that people’s special feelings for feet are because the feet are similar to genitals…

It makes sense to say so.

Neurologists have found that the brain areas that manage the feet and the brain areas that manage the reproductive system are adjacent to all people, so it is easy for adjacent brain areas to “connect” accidentally.

Neuroscientist Vilanayar Ramachandran, director of the “Brain and Cognitive Research Center” at the University of California, believes that in a study it was accidentally discovered that when some patients were amputated, the nerves in the corresponding areas of the brain had not been destroyed.

Therefore, some patients still feel that the amputated part still exists, and even thinks that they are active.

Then the key point came:

Even if the nerves associated with the amputation part of these patients are deleted, they will still feel that the part they have been amputated can be moved by imagination, and can even produce a reaction that is as refreshing as Gao Chao!

Even for people with normal bodies, there are often “connections” outside of the nerves in the brain.

So why you liked to eat jiojio when you were a kid, seems to be able to explain it, and it can also explain why some people tend to have indescribable fantasies about the feet of the opposite sex~

03. The role of pheromones

You read that right, it is the pheromone of the legendary “killing male hunter”.

The feet are one of the most important parts for people to release pheromones. This perception will form an invisible attraction for people who are sensitive to pheromones, which has the effect of cui feeling.

If your feet have a special smell that matches your partner’s preferences, it will be easy for him to hold it in his hands or in his mouth~??

04. Cinderella Syndrome

This kind of psychological condition, anyone who has read the fairy tale Cinderella knows that the prince found her by relying on glass shoes.

Women are more likely to be dependent on men, and they always secretly hope that a prince riding a white horse will save her. This fantasy has taken root in her heart since she was a child, and it has subconsciously affected the behavior of foot fetishists.

So, if the other half is willing to let you touch his feet, and you happen to be a foot fetish, it means that he accepts you completely and your relationship is good~

There is another example. For example, when the bridegroom changes shoes and kisses the bride’s feet at the time of marriage, it is also a sovereign oath.

After all, think about it, you can kiss your cheeks and the back of your hands. Except for your closest partner, who dares to kiss your feet?

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