I finally found the natural and easy to wear bare leg thick flesh color pantyhose! Super thin legs!

Wearing short skirts in winter must be accompanied by bare legs and thick flesh-colored pantyhose.

The light leg thick flesh color pantyhose you bought before is either out of gear or easy to hook. You can’t wear it for two days.

These light leg thick flesh color pantyhose is really a treasure!

I personally prefer white skin, which will make my legs super white.

It’s also very natural to look under natural light. It won’t fall off the gear and it’s not easy to hook the wire.

And can also appear very thin legs, really great love!

What I am most satisfied with is the design of the sole of my foot. The front sole of my foot is specially protected. I don’t wear woolen shoes so slippery! Highly recommended WOW!

#Evaluation of light leg thick flesh color pantyhose

Author: iinylon

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