I slowly accept my boyfriend’s fetish and wear pantyhose stockings for him

I met him in the freshman club, and I admit that I was attracted by his talents.He always had some strange ideas.

He is not a peaceful person at all, but it is really good for me. Four years of university. He took me to start a business together, and it is considered that he has realized a rich life on his own.

The junior cohabited.

In addition to living together every day in class, I slowly discovered that his browser has collected a lot of websites with messy pictures, and the content is not very spicy. They are all young ladies wearing sexy underwear and stockings.

I was very angry at the time, and I didn’t mention it. I thought he might want to change his taste when he took a look at the picture. There is nothing very explicit, and it’s not an action movie.

Soon after I found out about this, I caught up with the club Naxin. My roommate was the president of the etiquette club. On the day of Naxin, she called me to “stand guard” similar to the kind of welcoming guests. She gave me a cheongsam and a pair of pantyhose stockings and returned to the shop at night. He saw what was in my bag for me to put it on. As a result, we were XXOO. The next day I had to get up early and go back to the dormitory to get a new stocking. Although it was a cohabitation, some things I didn’t wear often were still in the dormitory.

I realized that he was so hungry that night?

Didn’t give it to you? But afterwards, lying in his arms was still very happy. When I was thinking about asking him about it, he hugged one of my legs tightly and fell asleep in stockings. Seeing him so tired, I want to talk about it tomorrow. , I have to admit that it was a very pleasant night.

The next day, when Na Xin finished, I went back to the bedroom and changed into normal clothes. When I saw him, I obviously felt that he was lost for a moment.

When did you change clothes? !

Hahaha I secretly played a psychological war with him, until he was going to sleep at night, he finally couldn’t help it, got into my arms and said to me “Baby, you looked so good in that body yesterday”

He is a typical elder brother type of man, a typical steel straight man, he hardly praises me, he is not careful in taking care of others, and he does not speak sweet words. He is self-reliant and self-reliant, and he is a little machismo, just like that. Bar.

It’s not handsome, but it’s very good-looking. I have to say that his strengths are only talents. I forgot to say. He is also the president and looks very beautiful, but he feels very practical with him. Everything will protect me from letting me. Aggrieved.

I was surprised when he said this sentence. Can this sentence come out of his mouth?

Hmph, I just counted it back to him, not to satisfy your evil taste.

Still pretending to me, “Huh? What’s bad fun?”

“I’m dressing up according to the website in your browser’s favorites”

His face is obviously red, hahaha “You peek at my privacy”? “Isn’t it time for you to come out and run naked in front of me after a shower?”

Do you have privacy in front of me…”

He would actually act like a baby with me! Rubbing back and forth in my arms whispered BB “It’s over, do I have no image in your heart”

I replied to him, “You stupid, perverted, go get my bag and give you a surprise”

When he saw that it was the new stockings I was wearing today, he rushed over and got into my arms to act like a baby, hahaha, men also have such a cute side!

Then it’s the same plot as last night…

Later, we talked about the conversation with a heart-to-heart, and we talked until dawn, and took me to see his collection of “Miss Sisters in Stockings”.

I’m curious why he always watches these things instead of more direct action movies. The answer he gave me is don’t you think it’s really beautiful?

Adding the graceful posture of women to the hazy beauty of silk stockings makes people feel that it is looming and unattainable, just in front of you but you can’t reach it, always separated by a thin layer of silk, that feeling is the most attractive people.

My inner game: Huh? Is such a hobby so lofty as you said?

I also told me not to look at the little sister, just to look at this obscure beauty, without any pornographic factors, I believe you a ghost, but he can always tell me dizzy in terms of drawing, art, and philosophy of life. , But I choose to believe him. After all, he is the best in art special enrollment. I didn’t expect that the culture class is also strong, and the culture class focuses on high school. In reality, he also ignores other young ladies and his mobile phone is basic. I was playing him all above, and I didn’t even have a password. I chose to believe him. The facts proved that he really just feels beautiful.

Because that night when he shared his collection with me, he said everything, the most important thing is that he did not have blood congestion throughout the whole process.

From then on, it seemed as if the door to a new world was opened. He would buy me some weird uniforms and sexy underwear every few hours. Later, he became more aggressive and asked me to choose with him. At first, I refused.

But if he likes it, please satisfy him. When he goes home, he will put on silk stockings and show him. Even if he doesn’t wear them, there will be nothing strange. He will not actively ask me to wear them. He spoils me every day, just getting more and more. Will be acting like a baby. But how to cure it, the beloved man acting coquettishly in front of you really makes you both sick and cute, and it makes you unable to refuse.

Now that he is my husband, he suddenly wanted to take pictures of me in stockings during the epidemic!

I also read a lot of articles. Everyone has this kind of fetish. It is closely related to a person’s growth experience. My husband said that when he was a child, the aunt next door always took her beautiful big sister to his home. Big sister always wears a pair of flesh-colored silk stockings. Big sister takes him to play every day. Sister sits on the ground and hugs him on her knees and slides down like a slide. In fact, he prefers the smooth feel of stockings.

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Some people can’t do without a certain adult sex doll, and even more like to play with used pantyhose stockings and used high-heeled shoes. At first I couldn’t accept it, but later I thought it would be the same reason. Besides, as long as they don’t steal or snatch, they will hinder others. What’s the matter? Everyone has some special hobbies.

What’s more terrifying than the eyes of the world is actually your heart that cares about the eyes of the world.

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