I’m a girl, today I’m very comfortable when I wear pantyhose

I’m a girl 25. Today I felt very comfortable when I was wearing pantyhose at home, and then there was an unknown liquid from my lower body, not menstruation.

What it is?

Normal psychological and physiological reactions, and usually pay attention to proper relaxation and maintain a good mood.

This is mainly due to a certain stimulus, which is similar to a physical reaction caused by sexual stimulation.

The unidentified liquid that flows out is mainly normal mucus secreted by the vagina.

It is possible to reach orgasm, the fluid flowing out, this is very normal, don’t worry.

It may happen that during the ovulation period, there is a little more fluid than usual, and it is also the lubricating fluid that appears when the brain receives the fantasy of sexual stimulation.

Maybe the lining is too tight and you will be very excited if you consciously clamp your legs.

Pay more attention to changing your underwear and pay more attention to hygiene.

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