Is a pantyhose fetish common?

I think it is very common, because for the stewardess, I am the stewardess. It is a professional requirement for the stewardess to wear silk stockings. Now many airlines require stewardess to wear silk stockings. Pantyhose gives people a sense of modesty and decency.

Many posts wearing skirts require pantyhose instead of bare legs. For example, this is true for many female employees in 4S stores or in many stores. Sometimes, even the style and color of pantyhose are stipulated. And it is expressly stipulated that bare legs are not allowed. Otherwise, it will be punished according to the corresponding provisions.

Pantyhose not only looks more solemn and decent with clothes, but also has the function of concealment and decoration. For example, women’s legs are not snow-white and traceless every day. Therefore, once the legs are black, or there are conspicuous scars, or there are relatively black leg hair, they will look less beautiful because of their bare legs. Let’s talk about health.

Our stewardess stand for a long time. In the face of a series of problems such as high-altitude air pressure, the hidden danger of varicose veins is very great, but wearing panties and silk stockings can prevent this health problem to the greatest extent.

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