Is fetishism a simple Fetish or a fascination with the personality in things?

@Fetish or admiration for the opposite sex.

@It must be the subsequent feeling brought by this thing. Most of them are pleasure, pleasure, satisfaction, and so on.

@Pure Fetish! Otherwise, why do you feel when you see that item, rather than considering whose item it is!?
I really envy such lovers. I feel it when I look at clothes and legs. It’s too easy in reality, okay!!!

@I think it’s an obsession with the personality in the given thing.
Tell me about your experience.
My roommate, who used to stick with me in high school, liked my socks. She would stick them on her mouth and nose and stuck them in her mouth. According to her, she loves feet. Because my feet are white and beautiful, she especially adores me. Every time she sucks my socks, she fantasizes that I’m stepping on her face. When she contains socks, she fantasizes that she’s sucking my feet. She often kneels in front of my bed and licks my shoes when there is no one in the dormitory.
But now she can kneel in front of me and lick her shoes.
Because I also have a little s, otherwise I wouldn’t accept her behavior so easily.
Therefore, fetishists should be extremely infatuated with the personality given to them. Only with these spiritual stimuli can they have subsequent behavior.

@Usually at the beginning, I simply like tight clothes and tight pants to wrap every part of the body, as well as latex clothes and gloves, which not only have a sense of restraint but are also airtight. People who like these items will feel happy every time they wear them, so they will become addicted.
After becoming addicted, I always want to try something new, so I will try chastity belts, restraint clothes, and rope art. Then I will find that these can produce a stronger pleasure. Over time, I will be infatuated with the personality in things.

@Fetishism should be the meaning given to things by infatuation.
For example, silk stockings, if worn on beautiful women, are extremely tempting, but there is no temptation on fat and obscene women.

@Fetishism is rarely a simple fetish. In fact, it is the pleasure of enjoying the fantasy generated by fetishism

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