Is it easy to stink in silk stockings?

Is it easy to have smelly feet in stockings?

Yes, it is very easy to have smelly feet in stockings.

Silk stockings beauties hang smelly feet in public

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1. Humid environment: The palms of the feet are a sweaty environment. There are more than 600 sweat glands per square centimeter in the palm of the foot, which is 2 to 4 times more than other parts of the body. A total of about two hundred and fifty thousand sweat glands can secrete nearly 500 ml of sweat a day. In addition to water and salt, sweat also contains lactic acid and urea. When the moisture content is high, it is very favorable for bacteria and mold to breed and multiply.

2. Stuffy and confined space: When wearing stockings with poor ventilation and air permeability, in addition to the increase in water, the PH value of the skin surface will change from PH4.4 to PH7, and carbon dioxide gas will be released, which is the most suitable environment for the growth of certain bacteria on the soles of the feet.

3 . Bacterial reproduction: Because of the additive effect of 1 and 2 factors, the growth of foot skin bacteria is caused. These bacteria can decompose the main component of the sole skin, which is keratin, and the urea and lactic acid components in foot sweat, forming various metabolites containing odor, such as:

(1) Brevi Bacterium, which can break down the component of keratin, Methionine, to form methyl mercaptan, the smell of this metabolite is similar to the smell of fermented cheese.

(2) Fatty components in sebum are broken down by Staphylococcus aureus and short-chain fatty acids are formed.

(3) The urea in sweat is broken down by bacteria to form ammonia.
These several smells mix together and smother in impermeable socks causing smelly feet.

Avoid methods are: wash your feet regularly or rather barefoot than wear stockings.

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