Ladyyaoying:6 secrets that flight attendants can’t tell

6 secrets that flight attendants can’t tell

Every year, major airlines recruit flight attendants, always attracting many young girls to squeeze their heads to realize their dreams of flight attendants. However, behind the dazzlingly dressed and well-paid friendly smiles of the flight attendants, there are little-known troubles and sorrows. Heather Poole, a senior flight attendant in the United States, blew up air flight secrets, giving people a glimpse of the sadness of the flight attendant’s work.

Flying to get paid

The salary is usually calculated based on the actual flight time of the flight attendants. If the flight is delayed, stranded or cancelled, I am sorry that there is no salary, but the airlines are not so stingy. Starting from the airport check-in, they can still Get an extra small amount of petty cash.

Not too tall or too short

In the past, the height limit for American flight attendants was between 160 cm and 185 cm, but now the height requirements are not so strict. As long as the feet and hands are raised, they can reach the 212 cm cabin luggage, but the height cannot be as high as the ceiling. .

The shorter the old flight attendant’s skirt is

Seniority not only affects the salary of flight attendants, flight routes, and even the length of the skirt. The less experienced flight attendants are less experienced and wear longer skirts so that they will not be noticed. When they get older, they will be able to serve passengers with beautiful legs.

Most afraid of tourists ordering Coke

When flying in the air, helping guests to pour sparkling beverages is a big test, because if the capacity is not properly grasped, the Coke will immediately overflow and soil the table. You can pour 3 other drinks in one cup.

Sexual harassment makes people angry

The friendly and beautiful flight attendants serve the guests on the aisle, and it is inevitable that male passengers will take the opportunity to “stealth”, including verbal molestation, asking for the phone, touching the chest or touching the buttocks, etc., although the company and colleagues will teach each other how to repel Salty pig hand, but encountering this kind of thing will still make people feel sick and angry.

All upper body

It is common for insomnia and menstrual confusion caused by working day and night to turn upside down. Sometimes when I get busy, I don’t have time to go to the toilet and cause urethritis. Otherwise, pushing and pulling the dining car or bending over to deliver meals may cause back pain. , Preparing hot meals or making tea or coffee can also accidentally burn. It can only be said that “interlacing is like a mountain”, and getting a high salary still has to pay a price, and what’s worse, it is still exchanged for many occupational diseases.

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