Massage club story

Speaking of massage clubs, what is your first impression? I do not say, I think everyone has their own answers. However, there are still many people who do not understand some of these things. I will talk about them today.

Let me introduce a person first, the old driver: Brother Zheng.

Brother Zheng, a native of Shanghai, is one year older than me. He is studying at a famous university in Hangzhou. After graduation, he will read the master and doctor together. The parents are business and wealthy. He is 1.78 tall, handsome, (looks very sunny), but he has encountered some things that changed his personality, so that he will become a regular visitor in the club in the future.

The girlfriend he talked about in the second year of high school was admitted to the same university as him. He cheated during his sophomore year, and he still didn’t understand why. Because in his opinion, he treats girls very well and has reached the point of indulging in spoiling. Economically, girls can also buy what they want, and they can also care for girls. In that respect, the girl can be fully satisfied, but the girl still cheated on the son of a clothing company owner. Knowing that the man is very flowery, his girlfriend still chose to follow him. (These are all told by Brother Zheng. I have also seen photos of her girlfriend and all kinds of things, but as for how to break up and what happened between them, I don’t know.) This incident has been a big blow to him. From then on psychologically Distorted, the impression of women is very poor, and they are generalized to women, and they are not objective. Gradually, he began to visit various massage clubs in Hangzhou, some of them were formal and some were not. When he got tired of Hangzhou, he went to Shanghai. From then on, he ran between Hangzhou and Shanghai.

When I was a freshman, he was already a sophomore. I am in the Northeast, and he is in Zhejiang. We met through several online war games, all of which belonged to the same team, and because he often used low-level cars to destroy high-end cars at a long distance, I admired him very much. Slowly communicate and gradually become friends. Later, after I graduated from university, he learned that I was going to Hangzhou, and he welcomed me warmly when I was a graduate student. When we first went to Hangzhou, we often went to Internet cafes to play games, eat and chat. Later, he got busy, his studies were also heavy, and he got together less. But every time he goes to get a massage, he invites me to go whenever he has time. He asked me for most of the massages in Hangzhou. Every time I went to massage, he bought me a formal massage package, and he smiled and went to the third floor with the female manager…

I have never done any irregular massage, but Brother Zheng is an old driver, and there are some regular massage technicians who know this, so I can talk about it here.


Hangzhou clubs

The clubhouse in Hangzhou was roughly like this before G20:

Small and medium-sized stores are both good and evil. We refer to such stores as category 1 stores in the article.

Large-scale chain stores are pure and regular, and we call them Type 2 stores for short.

Large-scale individual stores are both good and evil, and we refer to them as category 3 stores.

The evil of small shops is greater than that of righteousness or pure evil, we referred to as 4 types of shops.

(Positive: green. Evil: yellow. This is just for writing convenience, not yellow is evil. 1234 is ranked in no particular order, purely for the convenience of writing.)

Both the right and the evil are both formal and informal. What is irregular is that female technicians use sensitive body parts to push male customers and other parts, and then help male customers fly out. A more advanced point is to wear a sleeve mouth mouth, and then type out. The one above is without a sleeve, and the mouth comes out. Items that come out without sleeves are only available in Type 3 stores. Generally, there are no items that come out without sleeves in Type 1 stores, but there are other items. However, there are also some 4 types of stores in Hangzhou that can do big things cheaply, but this Zheng brother has never experienced it.

If you use the lingo there, the irregular projects are well-known: health preservation. Health technicians and massage technicians are separate and different, and there is no way to do both. Health technicians earn much more money than massage technicians. Later, I will use health technicians to refer to those who do irregular massage.

If you want to get a formal massage, I recommend going to a large chain type 2 store. The environment is good, the price is not expensive, and the massage is also available. If someone wants to go for health, please go to category 3 stores. But after the G20, Hangzhou’s Category 3 and Category 4 stores have disappeared. Although there are signs of resurgence, they will not appear in a short time. So everyone should get a regular massage! However, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. The fifth category of shops, silk feet clubs or door-to-door health clubs came into being. The fifth type of clubhouse is hidden in the high-end community. Old customers can enter the store, and new customers can only come to the door. There are not only the health care items of the three types of stores, but also additional items such as sm.


Shanghai Club

Brother Zheng has never been to Dongguan, but he has been to Minhang District and Jing’an District in Shanghai, saying that the clubs there are really refreshing clubs.

There are many large clubs with all evils in these two areas.

In these shops, not only can you take a shower, but there are also a talent show, with a few rows of girls standing on it. These girls come from all walks of life, full-time and part-time, among them, most of them are college students around Shanghai. These girls are classified into four categories (brands) of ABST. Class B and Class A services are almost the same. I will bring you a small massage, and then you can do a full set of Dongguan health care. The price of the S category and T category is four digits or higher. They have good looks and figures because they come from major art colleges or surrounding universities. But most of them are part-time jobs, that is, they come after class in the afternoon and then go back at 2-3 in the morning. They will not massage you, they will only make you sex once or twice. Except for sex, there are no other similar health care services in Dongguan.

Brother Zheng is not bad for money, and I like these the most, because of his good looks and tall body, I enjoy it very much. He said that these female students will work in a club for two to three years, and then look for opportunities to find a fundraiser to support them. If they have good abilities and will come and save money, many girls will break contact with the fundraiser when they are ready to go to bed. Shanghai has its own house and car.

He said that these female college students are not worthy of ordinary men. The men they often look for are rich second-generation or senior executives, because they have good looks and wealth, and the circles they come into contact with every day are rich people. In the circle, I look down on ordinary men at all.

They already know the importance of strength, so they will only rely on rich and powerful men. They feel very good when they are their lovers. They can’t return to normal work after they cut off contact with the benefactors. They have sex with each other and are open and free. When they are married, don’t expect to have a good relationship with each other. Even if you are a gold master, it is common to wear a hat on your head. Especially if you marry a businessman and often go out for business or business trips, then they are determined to find another man. So they are not living by ordinary people. Brother Zheng also said, and don’t underestimate their academic qualifications. Many people have postgraduate qualifications. Nowadays, even senior prostitutes have postgraduate qualifications, and men are not mixed up.

Brother Zheng likes a college student in a club, and often clocks her. Later, when chatting, the woman joked to Brother Zheng that he could barely match her. Because this woman is a graduate student in a prestigious school in Shanghai. Brother Zheng said that this woman told him a lot about female college students engaging in this industry, and he was shocked.

Brother Zheng said that these stores have very good business, and there is often no place when they come late, so they have to wait. Moreover, the people who came here were all defiant officials. When I was waiting outside for the room, I heard the chatting of guests and girls, many of them were university professors, teachers, or government officials. The Shanghai club is the favorite of Zheng Ge.

The Shanghai club had a serious impact on Brother Zheng, and his prejudice against women reached an extreme. In his eyes, all beautiful girls are unclean. All women are tools and can be obtained with money. All women have no sense of loyalty. As long as you are handsome and rich, you can make them under your crotch. moan. There are no good women in Zheng Ge’s eyes. I don’t agree with his ideas. I said he deserves to find women. He can’t look at things objectively, and he won’t look at the problem in two, he is always arrogant. The issue of treating women is always extreme, treating women as animals under men. I was very disgusted with his ideas, and I also used various positive things and examples that happened around me to tell him, but he couldn’t listen to it. However, he is still very good in front of his classmates’ tutors, with good character and learning, and elegant manners. People are multi-faceted. I can only try my best to persuade him, nothing else I can do.

Brother Zheng said that in these two districts of Shanghai, including the urban area, such clubs are not managed at all and the business is very good.


Kaifeng Club

After Kaifeng, Henan has been bidding many times to host a tourist city and a sanitary city, prices have begun to soar, but income has not increased. However, foot massage shops and massage shops have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. There are many large shops with nice decorations. The income of these shop technicians is very high, much higher than that of ordinary people, so a large number of women began to work in this industry. But obviously, the store in Kaifeng does not have the rules of Hangzhou.

(Don’t come to Kaifeng during holidays, because the prices of all hotels will double, and the prices of the hotel’s meals and classic tickets will increase. Please come back in the off-season or don’t come, it’s not fun here. If you want to eat steamed buns, go to Huang’s house, don’t Go to the first floor to eat. Don’t go to the Kaifeng night market, but slaughter outsiders. Oh, no, locals also slaughter.)

I learned these things from a regular massage technician Wang Sister. She is a massage technician in a new conference hall with a minimum monthly salary of 1w. This is definitely a very high income in a small city like Kaifeng. However, the health technicians in her club have a minimum income of about 1.5w. She said that massage technicians in her club receive a commission of 15% for each client, and health technicians receive 20% for each client.

The roadside shops are both good and evil or pure evil. Called a category 1 store.

Medium-sized shops are both good and evil. Called a category 2 store.

Large chain or independent stores are both good and evil or pure evil. Called a category 3 store.

Of the large massage and foot massage shops in Kaifeng, only a few are pure, and basically they are both righteous and evil or pure evil. There is a chain brand that has opened several stores in Kaifeng, one is pure and the other is pure. Chunxie’s store is directly filled with various health-preserving items, and membership cards are required for high-level items. In addition to the fact that Type 2 stores are basically smaller in scale, most of them have similar services to Type 3 stores. Both are good and evil. If they are regular customers, they can provide more health care items.

Kaifeng does not have door-to-door service and silk clubs. In all kinds of health service items, technicians are basically not allowed, and most of them do not have verbal services and various push services. Unless you go to a pure evil store, only the highest-priced health-preserving items can be talked and pushed. In short, Sister Wang said it was far worse than Zhengzhou. Sister Wang said that Hangzhou’s stores are nothing. Zhengzhou’s stores, large and small, are both good and evil, with many luxurious decorations, numerous health care services, and a variety of complete sets.

Sister Wang said that the technicians working in Zhengzhou are all college students, and they are basically part-time and voluntary. Their main income comes from the clubhouse, and the rest comes from aided dating and paid appointments.

Most people in Kaifeng are conservative in their thinking. When I see these large health clubs, I feel that they are very evil, and the inside is very dirty, and they are all places for major health care. Of course, this is a kind of prejudice, but this is the impression of many people in the massage club.

Sister Wang came to Kaifeng for massage from Zhengzhou. She did a formal massage and was very tired. However, most of the guests in the club where she was located chose foot reflexology and health regimen. There were not many clients who could get massages in one day, and it was not particularly hard. . At the beginning of November, my classmate asked me to have a massage. She gave it to my classmate. Later, I went there by myself, and she gave me a button, so I told me a lot of the inside.

Her current psychology has also changed. She has come into contact with too many people in this industry. She doesn’t believe in true love, and he has rejected many suitors. Because she feels that this is a society of value and money. If you have value, you have money and love. She thinks she doesn’t look good (in fact, she can score 7-8 points), so no one loves her. (Oh, so extreme!)

And she can’t bear to use female college students to be health technicians. She thinks that these people are very unclean, and at the same time she feels that she is unclean, even though she does a formal massage. She said that men do not have a good thing, and they become bad when they have money. They are all liars and fools. I asked why I was a fool. She said that many of the so-called goddess-level technicians were actually hired around or were escorted, as well as men’s infatuated pursuits, spending a lot of time, money and energy. For the sake of a skin bag, I did everything out, and what I got in the end was nothing more than a public paid toilet. She also said that a customer showed her that he had spent 20w and slept with an actress named Yang xx, and felt very fulfilled. She said, this woman has long been asleep, and she doesn’t know where the sense of accomplishment is? Why not give this 20w to his wife and children? Therefore, men are not good things, they are all liars and fools. What she said shocked me and it is worth thinking about. Although it is also partial and comprehensive, it is very one-sided, but it has to make people think deeply.

Kaifeng is my hometown. In my impression before university, there are very few places involving pornography. But when I watched the movie “Blind Well”, I learned that Kaifeng had a pornographic KTV for a long time. With continuous growth, I gradually discovered the other side of the ancient city of Kaifeng. Almost all bathing centers have special services. The health preservation in the foot massage shop in Kaifeng is no less than that in Hangzhou. The health preservation industry in Zhengzhou is so developed. All this has broken the image of Kaifeng in my heart, but I fully understand that with the blind influx of tourists, economic development has driven the development of the service industry, and the continuous land acquisition and demolition in the surrounding area has led to a large number of nouveau riche entering the city. The accompanying services for eating, drinking, prostitution, and gambling were naturally born. This is all normal. When I was a freshman, I heard from the father of a classmate who worked in the government that a large factory in Kaifeng welcomed a Korean customer. The director went directly to the Department of Foreign Languages, Art, Music, New Communication, or Art Department of Henan University. Come to pull female college students to do escort, 2000 yuan a night, a total of 3 nights, many girls come. Because the income of spending a few nights is equivalent to their monthly living expenses. This is no exaggeration, because this is in Kaifeng.

Sister Wang said that why the Royal No. 1 in Zhengzhou was seized, on the one hand, had to say because the impact was too bad. The Dongguan club system is implemented inside, and the technicians are graded. As long as the customer chooses, each item is clearly priced, and there are many technicians. Therefore, women from all walks of life will come to do it, including teachers, civil servants, employees in enterprises and so on. Moreover, the Royal No. 1 grade is very high-end. The consumption of tens of thousands of yuan is too casual. The technicians inside are of high quality and the decoration is very high-end. The crowds are crowded. Therefore, the income of technicians is very high. Sister Wang said that after the seizure of Royal One, a small peak of divorce appeared in Zhengzhou.

Sister Wang said that women nowadays can do anything for money.


Xiaowei, a regular massage technician in Hangzhou, was later transferred to the Silk Foot Club and is now missing. When she was still in the regular store, I often asked her for massage. She and I were familiar with each other and had a lot of conversations. She heard many guests say that a female host of Zhejiang Satellite TV was a regular guest at the Sijiqing boss dinner before the fire, except for big moves, casual touches of the chest, and various erotic jokes. But as for whether to accompany to sleep with or not, she doesn’t know, she feels that no woman can keep the bottom line in the face of money. Although there are a few examples around me that can refute her words, there are too few such examples, and they are all examples. The same is true for Xiaowei. She later became a technician at the Silk Football Club. Her husband knew her job and didn’t say anything. Because the huge mortgage and the children’s tuition are weighing on them.


Many times I have dinner with Brother Zheng, and I persuade him, hoping that he can see the light. But he always showed me a lot of examples. He said that women who didn’t make appointments would come out with some money. The girl with a boyfriend opened a room with him in a few babes. In his school, he tried to date those so-called school flowers and goddesses. He obviously had a boyfriend. It was too casual to give a little favor or go out for a drink. Therefore, as long as a man is handsome, good in figure, and rich, few women can withstand it, so women are not good things.

I asked him, is he a good thing? He said that there are too many temptations in the world. Don’t blame the temptation if you make a mistake, but you are still not firm in your heart. He now admires an ordinary girl from his school, and she never makes appointments anyway. This girl’s looks and looks are not as good as those school girls and recognized goddesses, but she is very quiet, likes to read, and has a regular life with her boyfriend every day. It was really wonderful (it reminded him of the scene of his previous life with his girlfriend). After the girl completely refused his request for an appointment, he gave her 3w yuan. He told her all his experiences. He admired the girl’s loyalty and principle very much. The girl took it and left without saying anything.

During the winter vacation, the girl asked where Brother Zheng was, and Brother Zheng said that he was in his hometown in Shanghai. The girl said she wanted to send something to Brother Zheng and asked for an address. Brother Zheng was very excited and said okay. As a result, the girl sent all the books he bought for 3w to Brother Zheng. The girl left a message in his letter saying that life is her own, and there is no need to ruin her life for others. If you really don’t have confidence in girls, treat the books as your girlfriend. When you finish reading these books, maybe someone who really loves you will appear. Brother Zheng was very moved and began to reflect on his behavior, and then gradually faded out of people’s sight.

From the beginning of 2016 to the present, Brother Zheng has withdrawn from the game team, and QQ is no longer available. He changed his phone number and never invited me to dinner or massage. I estimate that he may be a new man.


The author said: I don’t go to a technician, and I don’t practice health preservation, but I am not a saint, I am just an ordinary person, and I can’t get in touch with many women mentioned by Zheng Ge. I still live a peaceful life.

Everyone has their own principles and bottom line, just follow them carefully.

The reason why a person is called a person is that he can defeat desire with his own reason.

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