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My mother started working in a state-owned machinery factory at the age of 18 to do general administrative work. My father used to work in the factory and followed a few friends and went out to develop by himself. Taking into account the reasons for taking care of the family, my mother has always been in the factory not asking for a high income, but for stability. Dad’s career is not that big, but it can ensure that our family has a richer life, but everything changed when I was 16 years old. At that time, our family moved a few years ago, and one day a woman came to our house and said to her mother: I am pregnant with your man’s child, please divorce. This pair of mothers was a bolt from the blue. I still remember my mother crying and pulling my father to ask: Why did you do this and what made you feel uncomfortable. Dad was silent, and replied for a long time: She is younger than you. Mom was completely beaten
fall down. After the divorce, I lived with my mother, and my father left some money and a house where the loan was not paid off. During that time, my mother was really helpless, but the days passed. She still had me to raise, so she gradually recovered her calm, but it was only a short period of calm.

Due to the excessive development of the machinery industry and the participation of a large amount of private capital in competition, the original sweet pastry has become worse and worse every day. The efficiency of the machinery factory is not as good as before, and it has begun to reduce staff and increase efficiency. It was the old workers who did not let my mother be laid off, but the income was not as good as before, and my mother and I began to struggle. Although my mother still goes to work every day, she will sigh secretly when she comes home. I see all of this.

   One day my mother came home from get off work and told me: The thinking of young people nowadays is really weird! I quickly asked: Mom, what’s wrong?

   Just after get off work, I always felt that someone was following me. In the corridor, a young man suddenly came up to me and asked me: Sister, can I trouble you something? Mom asked: What’s the matter?

   The young man stammered and blushed and said: Sister, I think your stockings are very good-looking. You see, I will give you 15 dollars. Can you take it off and sell it to me?

   Mom thought it was very strange: Are you going to buy my stockings? Supermarkets can be sold everywhere. You can just buy them directly. My pair is already worn and dirty. What are you going to do with it? I won’t take it off to you.

   The young man didn’t give up and said again: Really older sister, I just think your pair is pretty, so I want your pair. It doesn’t matter if it’s dirty, you can wash it. But his mother still felt that the young man’s request was very strange, and still did not agree. The young man saw that his mother was determined not to sell it to him and had to leave in shock. I looked at the light brown silk stockings on my mother’s legs. Although it was indeed tempting, I also found it strange, because I didn’t know the use of the silk stockings I wore.

At that time, how did we know that there were original stockings in this world? Later, I remembered that many teenagers were holding mother’s original stockings in one hand and greedily sucking the strong smell of mother’s stockings. These stockings were taken from mother’s legs. Take it off, the taste is the cooked taste of a middle-aged mature woman. At the same time, I put the swelling meat stick on the toe of the stockings, and then took a deep breath of the original stockings of the milf mother. This taste is the best Viagra in the world, and started to move back and forth, fantasizing that mother’s silk feet are rubbing back and forth with her own meat stick. , From the toe of the silk stockings through the fleshy and soft soles to the heels, the juice secreted by the horse’s eyes flowed on the soles of the mother’s stockings and stuck to the mother’s mature feet through the stockings.

It seems that my mother is really satisfying the thirsty teenager with her plump stockings mature feet! Ah, Auntie, your stockings are so slippery. Auntie don’t stop. Use your feet to rub my cock. My little brother likes auntie’s silk feet. They are soft and hard. Yes, I can’t stand it anymore. Auntie, I want it. Shoot all the semen on your stockings. After a while, the teenager ejaculated in a jitter. The hot semen ejaculated through his mother’s thin original stockings, dreaming of his own semen flowing on her mother’s silk feet. Later, whenever I think of this scene, my mother’s used worn silk stockings can bring so much satisfaction to those teenagers of the same age, my lower body also stands up.

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