My boyfriend likes to smell my smelly stockings, I don’t know how to do

This condition belongs to the fetish in the heart of sexual perversion.

Fetishism refers to the repeated collection of objects used by the opposite sex, driven by strong sexual desire and excitement.

It is almost exclusively seen in men. Fetish objects are things that come into direct contact with the body of the opposite sex, such as bras, panties, etc. Touching and smelling these objects, accompanied by masturbation, or holding them during sexual intercourse by oneself, or by asking the sexual partner to hold them, can lead to sexual satisfaction.

That is, the object of love becomes an important source of sexual stimulation or a basic condition for sexual satisfaction. Fetishism is not a hobby for sexual instruments that stimulate the genital organs.

In fact, he was curious about all the smelly silk stockings pantyhose girls’ panties and was full of sexual fantasies about them. First of all, it is the sexual fantasy that causes the sexual urge, and then the satisfaction of sexual desire.

One needs to be alert to the potential dangers that his sexual fantasies about other women’s underwear may bring.

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