Nude pink patent leather studded high heels

As the old saying goes, “A man who knows himself dies, and a woman who pleases herself looks good. How to make yourself the brightest star in the eyes of everyone has always been a constant topic for girls. And in the vast array of dressing items, high heels stand out. High heels were originally created for men as a symbol of status and identity, but as history has developed, they have slowly become a blessing for women. In this hot summer, how to go out on the street has become a problem, it does not matter, follow me to understand the summer with the “ultimate must kill” – high heels.

Hot weather is not afraid, a pair of nude pink patent leather studded high heels happy summer. The pink color system is a dream color system that every girl can’t escape from, with cool rivets, cute without losing the British temper, T-shaped design as if holding a pipa half cover, revealing fair skin, pointed mouth elongated leg lines, instantly enhance the proportion of the body, one meter five seconds to one meter seven, mom no longer has to worry about the small girl’s body problems!

Black is a timeless classic color, no matter what kind of skin color you are, with which type of clothes, can be useful, so almost every girl’s shoe closet will have a pair of black high heels. As shown in the figure of a word with a solid color high-heeled sandals, simply reveals not simple, weakening the shoes themselves, perfectly highlighting the leg line, visually from the waist to the toes, full screen are long legs, major stars have also fallen under the skirt of this shoe.

Fashion wear is very much about color matching, generally does not appear in more than three colors when wearing. From the color, a single look at this pair of ginger high heels seems difficult to manage, seemingly not too friendly to darker skin tone girls, but the shoes themselves reveal a little sexy in the simplicity of the style, with the same color system dress, reflecting the feminine temperament of women at the same time, play a role of cross-fertilization, as become the focus of the crowd.

Who said that high heels only with skirts reflect the feminine temperament. As an “ultimate weapon”, all we have to do is how to wear how to look good. The workplace is like a battlefield, how to fight in the battlefield out of a piece of your own world? Nude patent leather high heels, the more simple, the more classic, with the same color system seven wide-legged pants, revealing the slender calves, workplace wear two meters eight of the gas field, reflecting the simple and competent temperament of women in the workplace while not losing femininity.

Work is a part of life, work hard for a better life, so we should also learn to stop working to enjoy life in due course, with girlfriends about an afternoon tea, do a SPA beauty. Since the street, of course, to show the most fashionable dress, do the most unique self. The red strappy heels, a color that people can’t forget, as Cai Jianya sang “red high heels“: how to describe you the most appropriate, what to compare with you to be considered special? There is no color that can express a strong feminine flavor more than red, I really love it!

Strap is a popular element that has recently become a big hit. The strap is synonymous with retro and fashion. The pure strapping design not only allows the feet to fully contact the air to release pressure but also perfectly shows the elegant and mature temperament of women. Whether you are with jeans, wide-legged pants, dresses, fishtail dresses, or evening dresses, no pressure, no matter where you are, can always maintain a proper goddess model.

There are many kinds of high heels, fine heels represent soft and sexy, thick heels reflect comfortable and competent, pointed-toe shoes show elegant and mature, round toe shoes show sweet and lovely, strappy shoes bring retro fashion, solid color with no pressure, so many styles, so many styles, there is always one for you. Wear high heels, become the most shining star in the crowd!


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