Panties Fetish:I a boy likes to wear girls’ panties,Is there a problem?

Panties Fetish: I a boy likes to wear girls’ panties, Is there a problem?

@Anyway, it’s also worn inside, just like hiding in your heart. Why should you imagine other people’s views?
@If you like to wear girls’ underwear, you can wear it if you like. No one cares. I don’t know if you’ll get married. If you can still wear it when you get married, even if you have the ability. It doesn’t matter what underwear you wear. As long as you’re not embarrassed, it’s others who are embarrassed. Hahaha. Personal advice is better to be normal, or you will be laughed at by others. No one knows. It depends on your choice. The difference between men’s and women’s models lies in the different structures of private parts. The design of underwear is different. One less link is different. It doesn’t mean you can’t wear it at all. It depends on which one you wear.
@Only in terms of personal interests and hobbies, they should be respected. There is no problem. Personal advice is not to wear women’s underwear, especially teenagers. The body is in the development stage, and men’s underwear is still needed for protection. This is not available in women’s underwear.
@This is a personal hobby. It’s not illegal to wear girls’ underwear. Just wear it if you like.
@No problem. It’s not a crime to wear it if you like. I’m also a boy who likes to wear girls’ underwear and an aunt’s towel.
@Wear it yourself, how you want to wear it inside, don’t steal, don’t grab the normal way, it’s not illegal to buy it, sexual orientation is normal, it doesn’t affect others, what you like, and don’t leak it to others. No matter what others think, it’s no problem to wear it.
@No problem. This is personal privacy and personal rights.
@No problem. I bought several pairs of silk stockings the other day. Now I basically wear them every night. Women’s underwear can be worn, but the physiological structure is there. As long as I’m comfortable, there’s no problem.
@You wear it yourself, not others. Who doesn’t have one or two?
@It’s recommended to change it. It’s not a problem. It’s a problem of physical and mental health and development. If you wear it for a long time, it will lead to blocked blood and swelling. The second is judging. Girls’ underwear is too tight for boys and will be relatively hot. Sperm can’t stand too hot a temperature. It can be said that if you wear girls’ underwear, your lower body will leave normal temperature, resulting in sperm death, In the long run, it’s called judging. If you are judging, you can’t produce the next generation through sexual behavior.
@I think it doesn’t matter. Skirts are not exclusive to girls, let alone underwear. Even if boys like bras, it’s OK. Boys also have bras.
@What do you want to wear? When you’re not embarrassed, what’s embarrassing is that other boys like pink. Is it wrong? It’s just a matter of hobbies.
But make a suggestion. When you ask this question, it also includes asking yourself whether you are curious or really like to recognize and recognize certain things in daily life. It is easy to cause unnecessary harm to yourself. I hope it will not affect your social circle.
@No problem. I’m wearing it, too.
@No problem, but you should wear normal, elastic and comfortable, keep healthy, buy more and try more, and you will always find beautiful underwear suitable for you!
1: You like to wear it because it’s “girl’s” underwear. There’s a problem, and it’s a psychological problem.
2: Transgender, no problem at all, come on, hug.
3: It’s simply because girls’ underwear is better than boys’ underwear. Well, how can it be different in personal aesthetics? But I think it’s okay
4: Just because girls’ underwear is comfortable to wear? Well, won’t a tail leak out from the side? I don’t quite understand this
@Like to wear girls’ underwear? Not afraid of infection?
@Psychological problems, over the long term, the mentality will gradually change and become feminine.
@I like to wear striped and lace-up panties.

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