Pantyhose Obsession

Pantyhose Fetishism is one of the fetishes associated with pantyhose. Pantyhose fetishists can be sexually aroused by their pantyhose-wearing partners, the process of putting on or taking off pantyhose, or by wearing pantyhose themselves. This behavior is also sometimes associated with cross-dressing.

This preference is often more for used or worn pantyhose than for new, unworn pantyhose. Some pantyhose fetishists obtain their worn pantyhose from women of their choice by searching through bins or by stealing them directly from the wardrobe. The vast majority of pantyhose obsessives have a small collection of pantyhose.

The pantyhose obsession appears to be very similar to stocking preference, although when many pantyhose obsessives are asked, they choose pantyhose over regular stockings or other nylon garments worn on the legs. This may be because the nylon material of pantyhose is in direct contact with the sexual organs, whereas this is not the case with regular stockings.

Pantyhose obsessions can be divided into a very wide variety of subtypes, each of which can be subdivided and combined with other hobbies to form an individual, almost unique preference: a characteristic that is combined with many other hobbies.

Some of these include the concentration of attention on specific areas of the pantyhose wearing body (e.g. feet, sexual organs, buttocks, etc.), specific movements of the pantyhose wearer (not necessarily related to sex), specific age/race/sex of the pantyhose wearer, other combinations of dress with pantyhose (specific shoes, uniforms, socks, etc.), specific styles of pantyhose (opaque pantyhose or leggings, specific (opaque pantyhose or tights, specific colors or materials, etc.), the observation of a woman’s pantyhose in public without her knowledge (a basic form of voyeurism), and “pantyhose wrapping” – the preference for wearing pantyhose on the legs and upper torso (like a top) at the same time, except for the head. except for the head. This is very similar to the full tights (Zentai), but the average wearer usually prefers only one of these.

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Pantyhose obsession usually arises in adolescence with strong pantyhose-related emotions, feelings, or sexual events. The person’s gaze is then drawn to the legs of the woman wearing pantyhose, the sound of the legs rubbing together, the silky feel of the touch, and the smell of the worn pantyhose, which creates a stereotype. The person then becomes aroused by the sight of a woman wearing pantyhose and often fantasizes about the scene.

Pantyhose fetishists are usually heterosexual men who are turned on by the sight of a woman wearing pantyhose. This often starts with wearing pantyhose stolen from their mothers or sisters. Today there are pantyhose designed specifically for men, but in modern times pantyhose have been marketed as a way to show off the feminine lines of women’s feet and are therefore mostly considered to be a garment associated with women. Pantyhose obsessives are afraid of being seen as homosexual, bisexual or perverted by society, so they rarely wear pantyhose in public. They usually wear regular trousers or more socially acceptable men’s tights such as spandex and other stretchable fabrics for sport or dance.

Sometimes this preference is not one’s main preference. Many pantyhose aficionados have other good hobbies such as stamp collecting, fish breeding, or membership of a motorbike club. They collect pantyhose-themed photographs, magazines, and films, and some also collect pantyhose adverts and packages. Another group of pantyhose fans likes to find other enthusiasts and connect with each other. These contacts often include the exchange of experiences, pictures, and videos, as well as outings without any sexual activity.


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