Professional dress with what style of high heels look sexy?

Professional clothing, also known as workwear, is clothing that is designed to be worn at work. Professional clothes are usually designed according to different industries and different types of jobs to highlight professional characteristics. Putting aside some special types of professional clothes, most of the common professional clothes in our lives are based on suits, which are widely adaptable and suitable not only for office women to wear, but also for service industries, and women who wear professional clothes will be more temperamental and attractive.

Common professional wear to black or gray, of course, there are other colors of professional wear, such as this beauty, she chose a dark black professional wear. Black is a cool color, very pure, representing calm, beautiful, sensible, and honest, blue professional dress reflects a high degree of trust between people, will make people let down their guard to become quiet and peaceful, especially suitable for some women in the sales industry, wearing a blue professional dress can easily establish a relationship of trust between people, and communication between customers has become easier.


This black professional suit is a three-piece suit, the top is a classic blazer, using a single button design, looks simple and generous. Usually, women’s suits will add waist design, so as to better show the woman’s delicate figure. The inside is a white shirt, tied with a printed silk scarf, elegant temperament comes out, look gentle and moving. Usually, women in the sales industry need to put their long hair up at work to receive customers with a fresh and beautiful image, reflecting respect for customers.

The bottom of this body is and suit matching half skirt, usually women’s professional wear not only skirt, but also with a pair of pants, but in most cases will be mainly skirt, because with skirt more reflect the elegance of women and professional temperament. The length of the skirt will generally be about half a foot above the knee, skirt-based professional wear is not allowed to bare legs, usually with a pair of black stockings, which will give a very formal feeling, but also highlight the professional women’s dignified and elegant temperament.

Professional dress with what shoes are good? Definitely high heels, shoes are usually black-based, the upper requires simple and generous, not too much decoration. The effect of the pointed style is the best, the heel should not be too high, after all, professional women need to stand for a long time in the work, the heel is too high, then a long time standing will cause irreversible damage to the foot. So, this beauty chose a pair of “cat heel” style high heels, the height of the heel is very suitable for wearing in the work. The blue-based professional outfit exudes elegant professional femininity.

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