Red light mouth small pointed thin heel high heels

The only highlight of women’s shoes in spring and summer is high heels. Other canvas shoes, muffin shoes, baby shoes, small white shoes… Don’t have much charm.

If you want to choose one of the most representative styles of women’s shoes in the four seasons, I’m afraid that no shoe can shoulder this responsibility without the thin high heels.

The thin high heels with shallow mouths and small pointed heads are not just shoes in the eyes of boys, but a girl alive and well. The curve is graceful, concave, and convex, and the sense of line is very handy.

It’s no wonder that many boys have the experience of being infatuated with “women’s shoes”, and they can’t help prying in the street.

The wrap feeling of a shallow mouth and small pointed heel shoes is very special for the feet, which is the touch feeling that can not be expressed by other shoes. If you consider starting with a high-heeled shoe in the early summer, you must not miss this kind of small pointed stiletto. I hope you like it!

Author: iinylon

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