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To tell you the truth, my mother seems to be just an ordinary middle-aged woman. Her name is Chen Ping, not like many little girls
Although she is still in her twenties in middle age, she does not have a face that is not controlled by age. She looks like an ordinary looking middle-aged woman with a height of 1.65 meters.
I remember looking at my mother’s photos when she was young. Her figure can be regarded as concave and convex. However, after I was born and entered middle age, my figure became more and more plump. My slender waist was gone, and my front and back were just in the past. All I had was a suit of tempting cooked meat.
(you may have to say what such a woman looks like as the protagonist of this article. Don’t forget that the theme of this article is silk stockings and familiar women. This article is written for lovers of familiar women’s silk stockings. Others may have closed the webpage early, but many of their friends may have just stood up.) Yes, my mother is just an ordinary middle-aged woman like many other good mothers, I didn’t know whether her breasts were still tall and elastic at that time, but one thing I could see was the driving force for my erection, that is, my mother’s sexy silk stockings and legs.
Mom’s legs are not short and straight, according to the current aesthetic, they are definitely beautiful legs, but after mom’s middle-aged hair, there is more meat in her legs, especially her thighs, which are full of flesh, round and plump but not bloated. The long thighs, which are full of flesh, and the legs which are also not short and plump, seem to me to be the best sexy legs. Many people like the slim legs of young girls, but in my opinion, mom’s flesh legs are the sexiest. It’s the only sexiness of middle-aged women who are older.
Although she is old, her mother still loves beauty. She likes to wear skirts when she is young. She knows that she has more legs and her skin is not as good as that of the young girl, so she especially likes to match two kinds of lethal sexy equipment
Silk stockings and high heels. Mother’s high-heeled shoes can lengthen the leg which is not short, so that the meat leg has perfect lines. The slim high-heeled shoes are tight and plump legs, and then up are the full round thighs of mother. A good description of mother’s legs is long and full of meat.
Mother then wrapped her legs in the stockings, cooked meat through the thin stockings as if to spray out, especially because the mother’s thigh root is too plump, the stockings are tight and appear more transparent, stockings wrapped cooked feet, perfect cover the foot defects, transparent and smooth silk feet more mature woman temptation. Mother also knows that she is no longer a good-looking age to wear anything, so the older she gets, the more she likes to wear silk stockings and high heels. After 40, she almost has a chance to wear them.
Because the thighs are plump, the stockings are easy to slip off after wearing, so mom’s stockings are pantyhose, all kinds of thickness, ultra-thin, thin, velvet. Because black silk is too conspicuous, mother’s stockings are mainly in different shades of meat, coffee and gray, but their common feature is that they are very transparent on Mother’s legs. When I was young, I was also lucky to see my mother wearing silk stockings. I watched the thin silk stockings slowly cover my mother’s legs, thighs and buttocks. I had a panoramic view of my mother’s silk stockings. The cooked meat was covered with lustful light through the silk stockings.
I had a strange feeling about my mother’s silk stockings since I was a child. Seeing my mother wearing silk stockings, I would be vaguely excited, but it was not exciting. At that time, I didn’t know that this was the original sexual impulse. I thought that I just thought my mother was beautiful, so my mother also regarded me as a kid, and would never think about that. If I see the same scene now, ha ha, I have to rush up and rub the meat stick on my mother’s stockings and legs until my mother’s legs are full of my semen. Of course, this is the Afterword, but I was so simple at that time.

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