Sexy women must have a pair of high heels

A pair of shoes, expensive or not, others see, whether the feet know themselves. Like a good life, you live your life, I live my life, climbing a what? The warm and cold know themselves!

A pair of shoes, the convenience of cloth, leather temperament, the comfort of sports, the beauty of high heels! Like us, you have your excellence, I have my highlights, do not compare yourself with others, live but seek to be honest and at peace.

A pair of shoes, we wear shoes is not to, to others to see how, but they feel beautiful on the happy. The same is true of being a human being, don’t look too hard at other people’s comments, your own feelings in the first place, so that you don’t live a tired heart.

A pair of shoes, the price is high, we do not want to wear; low price, we do not know how to cherish. The same is true between people, no matter who you get along with, don’t let each other feel that you can’t do without him, too take each other seriously, the other party will not take you seriously.

A pair of shoes, the price is clearly marked, no one bargain; can bargain, then lost the bottom line. In fact, behave the same, their own standards set, do not float, you are too good to talk, but let people bully; you have no principles, but by people threatened!

A pair of shoes, running shoes can not match the professional dress; leather shoes can not be used to play soccer. Different people, in different positions, there is no difference between high and low. Do not presume to be inferior to anyone, each has its own good, you also have the advantages of others can not imitate!

A pair of shoes, even if you like it again, the size is not appropriate, it will not fit. Like the two people together, do not get along, do not force, do not get along, do not force. Shoes do not fit will squeeze the feet, people will be troubled if they do not fit.

A pair of shoes, walking is the world road; a lifetime, the taste is gain and loss. Wearing shoes, for walking; living, for the process. No matter what our road is like, bumpy or not, you have to cherish it; no matter what we can live into, rich or poor, you have to move forward! There is only one road in life, we must take it seriously; only once in a lifetime, we must live it well!

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