Super realistic, fake flesh-through thick flesh-colored pantyhose

Super realistic, fake flesh-through thick flesh-colored pantyhose.

Light leg thick flesh-colored pantyhose is wearing like not wearing the same, the key and the effect of beautiful skin, the main fall and winter wear on not only reveal beautiful long legs, and warm.

It is two layers, the outer layer of thin stockings lined with velvet, divided into thin velvet thick velvet, thin velvet 10 degrees to wear, thick velvet 0 degrees or so to wear, the key is not bloated, micro pressure thin, winter would have been more clothes wrapped up, fear of swelling up the feeling, so do not worry about fat.

Also long enough, I 172 wear properly, my girlfriend 175 can also wear da, simply perfect, the degree of fit is particularly good.

The color is divided into deep skin tone, light skin tone, I personally feel that the deep skin tone is more close to the skin tone, suitable for Asian yellow skin, very white skin is suitable for light skin color.

Autumn and winter dressing essential artifacts, especially single shoes, Mao Mao To, boots need bare legs thick flesh-colored pantyhose with.

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