Super realistic fake flesh-through thick flesh-colored pantyhose

Super realistic fake flesh-through thick flesh-colored pantyhose 💥 Recommended thick flesh-colored tights

This light leg thick flesh-colored pantyhose than the general fake flesh-through models are transparent Oh!

According to the skin tone to choose deep skin and shallow skin, so after the body translucent feel very realistic! It is like wearing only a thin stocking-like effect quality is really very good, the outer layer of thin stockings, silk quality is very good, uniform color, the effect after the body is very good.

Features: arbitrary cut does not disperse, very realistic. Thin velvet suitable for temperature about 10 degrees, height 175 or less, I 172 wears not fall out of gear, weighing 80 to 140 pounds of baby. Thick fleece 0 degrees to wear, I am wearing thin fleece.

Color: dark skin tone for normal skin tone, light skin tone for a fair beauty.

Material: socks in two layers. The inner layer is pulled cotton fleece, more warmth, lock good heat. Micro-pressure, beautiful small fat, stretchy and comfortable! The outer layer is stockings, as we all know, stockings are consumables, pay attention to wear not to hook, anti-hook, this is more durable than ordinary stockings, but not hook broken.

The picture is my real shot yo, really super realistic.

Wearing these tight pants, you beautiful people, please be sure to be beautiful at the same time, to be elegant and decent Oh, if it is self-worn, it is recommended that really broken can be cut off the outer layer set on their stockings, and a good tight pants, and can be beautiful!

Ha ha 😄 I am operating this way.

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