The stocking technician in the foot bath shop

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In the room, the boy stood on the floor at the end of the bed, naked all over, with his waist pulling forward and backward, sweating profusely and groaning in his mouth.
Ah, it’s fast. It’s really cool. Ah! That’s it. Don’t move your feet any more. Just hold my stick and let me do it. Oh, my God, this pair of silk stockings is really cool.
I saw a middle-aged woman lying on the bed, dressed in a black and white dress, plump, body with the youth’s movement also shaking back and forth. The dress on the familiar woman’s body was pulled up to the waist, and her lower body was fully displayed. The thin silk stockings are wrapped in the meat legs of the mature women, which makes the blood of the young people swell. Under the meat stockings, a tight white lace t-shaped pants are hanging on the hips of the mature women. Except for the small piece of transparent lace in front of the underwear, the lace is deep into the thigh of the mature women. Mature woman’s pubic hair through the transparent lace and flesh colored pantyhose by the juvenile stare. The mature woman seems to have been used to the young man’s eyes. At the moment, she carries her stockings and legs, her feet and arches close together. The young man grabs the mature woman’s instep, and the swollen meat stick starts to prick the heel from the tip of the mature woman’s stockings, and the glans rubs the soft and fleshy sole of the mature woman’s stockings. With the young man’s moaning, the mature woman’s sole of stockings is gradually soaked by the juice secreted by the horse’s eyes, The deep flesh colored silk stockings seem to be transparent, which increases the youth’s pleasure.
The young man stares at the sexy lower part of the silk stockings of the mature woman, and the cooked meat shows the charm and temptation only at this age through the silk stockings. The silk feet of a mature woman are the source of the youth’s fatal pleasure. Ah, I can’t stand it. How can it be so cool? Is it because of the silk stockings? I can’t help shooting. The young man’s body was shaking slightly, and his hands were holding the silk feet of the mature woman, speeding up the movement. The meat stick was still pulling and inserting between the silk feet of the mature woman.
The familiar woman also felt the reaction of the young man. She knew that the young man was about to shoot. She said with a smile, ha ha, how can you be so excited this time? The silk stockings are almost worn out by you. I know you like this pair of silk stockings. Do you want to stop and change for another pair of silk stockings?
At this moment, the boy felt that the semen was about to reach the horse’s eye, so he could stop to change the silk stockings. Finally, he pulled out the meat stick and held the stick in his right hand. The horse’s eye was on the sole of the right foot of the ripe woman’s Silk foot. The spermatophore was wide open. Ah, he shot. The fierce semen rushed to the ripe woman’s silk foot. Once, twice, there was too much semen, Along with the soles of the silk stockings of the mature woman, the mature woman felt that she quickly extended her left foot under the heel of the right foot, and the semen flowed along the right foot to the instep of the silk stockings of the mature woman’s left foot, which slowed down the hot semen of the young man.
The white semen is full of mature women’s flesh colored silk feet, flowing slowly on the silk stockings, and the scene is extremely lewd.
The young man kicked angrily because of ejaculation brought by strong pleasure. The mature woman rubbed her feet together and smeared the semen on the silk feet along the soles and insteps until the semen did not show white, while the footstep stockings became more transparent because they were soaked in semen. After finishing all this, the familiar woman put down her feet and seemed very satisfied. She boarded a pair of brown high heels and walked out of the room. This young man is me. My elders call me Xiaowen. My family is a traditional family, but it may be predestined, or it may be a mistake. My mother and I have had a huge change in our lives. What’s the matter? I started two years ago when I was 16 and my mother was 43.

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