The taste of women’s smelly socks

First, let’s talk about my current girlfriend. I heard that the socks on her feet were after two months of contact with her. At first, she was a little pinched and said I was abnormal. Later, with the gradual deepening of our relationship, she didn’t object much. Her girlfriend is a white-collar worker in the company. Flesh colored silk stockings and high-heeled leather shoes have become her standard match. Every time I smell her feet, I can always smell a sour smell. Occasionally, when we go shopping on Sundays, she will wear shredded meat pantyhose and casual shoes. In this way, the smell will be stronger and sour, but it’s better to wear leather shoes. Personally, I prefer the strong smell, so I often ask her to do sports. Playing badminton and mountain climbing have become the main items of our daily exercise. Of course, every time I take off her shoes and smell the smell of her socks, which has become my greatest enjoyment.

More times, my girlfriend is getting used to it, so that when I take off her shoes and put my nose on the bottom of her garter, she pretends not to see it. Once I asked her to climb Zijin Mountain in NJ city. When we went down the mountain, we visited Zhongshan Mausoleum. When we rested in the shade of a secluded tree, I took off her Nike sneakers, and then lay on the grass to smell her cotton socks. It was very smelly pantyhose, but there was no sour smell. Relatively speaking, there are not many such opportunities, because my girlfriend is a cleaner person, and her socks are changed every day. It is rare to have a strong taste. In addition, she doesn’t wear cotton stockings when wearing leather shoes and silk stockings when wearing tourist shoes.

I remember that during the long holiday last October, my girlfriend’s cousin and cousin in her hometown came to Nanjing for tourism. Her cousin was in her early 30s, while her cousin was only a little over 16. When my girlfriend worked overtime in her company, I took them out to play. I visited Xuanwu Lake in the morning, Confucius Temple in the afternoon, and Hunan Road in the evening. It was really tiring. Then they sent them back to the house rented by their girlfriend. Her girlfriend hasn’t come back yet. She said that the company has a party and wants to come back later. When they took a bath in the bathroom, I did my favorite thing and didn’t stop until a second before they came out. Before taking a bath, they took off their socks, stuffed them in their shoes, and put them in the shoe cabinet (both of them are from the countryside and may not have good hygiene habits). My 16-year-old cousin wore a pair of white socks similar to silk and cotton, and my 30-year-old cousin wore a pair of black pantyhose. I took out both pairs of socks and smelled very smelly, much smellier than my girlfriend’s mountain climbing.

Especially my cousin’s pair of white socks are soaked into yellowish-brown by foot sweat. The pantyhose smell is very strong. It can be said that it is the most smelly pair of socks I have ever smelled. Although the black pantyhose worn by my cousin is also very smelly, it is far inferior to my cousin’s. There is a sour smell in the smell, which is also a rare top grade. The only difference is their age and the texture of their socks. They even wear the same shoes. Why do cousins’ socks stink more than cousins’? I think it may be that my cousin is at the age of development, with strong endocrine and sweating more, so she should stink a little.

In our unit, I also have many opportunities to smell the socks of women workers, especially the socks they wear at work. At that time, I was an inspector in the unit, especially responsible for inspecting labor discipline. On the night shift, I can honestly enter the women’s dressing room to check whether there are lazy women sleeping in it. Of course, when you go in, you have to knock at the door first, and then no one can go in anyone? A simple education, no one can enjoy it. Due to the working environment, most of the female workers here have to change their work clothes and shoes, and some even have to change a pair of socks. Especially in summer, they are not willing to wear their long silk stockings in the workshop.

There are three dressing rooms for female workers in our workshop. There are more than 40 people in one large room and more than 20 people in two small rooms. I often patronize one of the small ones because there are many young beauties there. There are many pairs of beautiful women’s work shoes on the shoe rack. They are cloth shoes issued by the factory. They are not only cheap and durable but also easy to taste. Some women workers put work socks in their shoes. The original flavor is very strong, and even some pairs are still wet. It was at that time that I began to study the odor of all kinds of women’s socks. There are about 17 or 18 beautiful women’s dressing cabinets in this dressing room, of which about 4 or 5 often put socks in shoes, two of which are more beautiful. One is a technical school student under the age of about 20, and the other is a lazy city girl. The socks of these two beauties have been smelled by me the most times, especially the socks of the girls in the technical school. Sometimes I take them back to my dressing room to ejaculate. For nothing else, it is because her original flavor is the strongest.

Among them, there is a female team leader about 34 or 35 years old. She is beautiful. When she was young, she belonged to the factory Flower level. She belongs to the kind who doesn’t work much. The smell on her work socks is very weak. Sometimes it’s even worse than the socks she wears at work. There is also the best beauty about 23 or 24 years old. She usually likes to be clean. Even several pairs of work socks are put there. I can often smell the socks she wears at work. There is only a faint sour smell, and the working socks can only smell it twice. Her work is relatively light and leisurely, so even the original smell on the working socks is not very strong. In addition, there are several ordinary-looking beauties. I will smell their socks when I have the opportunity, but most of them are just sniffing. If I encounter those with a strong original flavor, I will sniff more. After all, at that time, I had a lot of opportunities, and there are those with both long and beautiful original flavors. So their socks are just symbolic care.

Once my friend’s parents went out of town, so my friend invited me to his house. After 2 o’clock, he and his wife went to bed when they were too sleepy. I slept in another room. At night, I was very energetic, so I continued to play games. Play and play. It’s 4 o’clock. I want to pee. Go to the toilet. Pee and pee. When I turn around after pee, I accidentally see a washing basin with a pair of black stockings in it! This… This… Isn’t this the pair she just wore on her feet?
Finally, I can’t help ejaculating on the silk stockings. I regret it after ejaculation. This time, what should I do?

Throw it away? No, there’s only a pair of silk stockings in the washing basin. Fools can’t find it. Wash it. I crept to the sink and turned the tap on a little. After wetting the silk stockings, dip a little soap, gently rub and rub, and then rinse with water. OK, it’s the same as the new one.

Women’s long tube silk stockings have two types: Hosiery tube type and hosiery pants type. Hosiery pants with underwear are suitable for wearing cheongsam and close-fitting skirts, so as to avoid the embarrassment of printing the edge marks of the original briefs. There is another kind of silk stockings between the hosiery tube type and the hosiery pants type, which is not different. Only a hosiery strip is attached to the bottom of the hosiery tube to focus on the bottom pants. Now there is a new wearing method, that is, the short skirt and stockings are divided into two sections, and some skin colors are exposed under the skirt. It is so blank for no reason. Some also show some hosiery strips, which is very wanton, Some of them came out to see people wearing long silk stockings in the shape of red, green, or large mesh hollowed out “flowers”.

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