Things that flight attendants can’t do for passengers

Things that flight attendants can’t do for passengers

A stewardess is a professional who ensures the safety of passengers on the plane, but is not a steward or nanny for any passenger. Although they can help you pick up headphones and present you with delicious snacks and drinks, you can’t be too capricious and expect them to meet all your needs or some nonsensical ideas. So, when they refuse your request, don’t be angry, take a closer look at the services that the flight attendants are forbidden to provide, which may make your future journey more enjoyable!

1. It’s best to bring medicines with you, flight attendants are not doctor
According to relevant regulations, flight attendants cannot provide passengers with any drugs, even aspirin. If there is an emergency, they need to notify the doctor, and the patient should take the medicine under the supervision of the doctor. In view of this, before boarding the plane, be sure to consider whether you need to bring common medicines.

Two: put your own luggage, the stewardess is not a porter
Don’t take it for granted that the stewardess should help you put your luggage. In fact, they are not allowed to do this. Because this will cause a lot of trouble, such as accidentally injuring other passengers or yourself. They can only help you push your luggage into the cabin and close the door. If the luggage cannot be put up, it can be checked in.

Three: The connecting flight is set by yourself, the captain and stewardess have no rights
It is impossible for all the captains and stewardess to apply for a connecting flight for a passenger, let alone fly a flight. Therefore, passengers should not be willful.

Four: Safety is the first priority, and the speed of airplanes is limited
Don’t let the pilot drive faster just to catch your connecting flight. This is an unreasonable request. When booking a flight, be sure to confirm it in advance.

Five: Confiscation of alcohol is a power, and safety is a duty
Almost all routes have regulations: Passengers are not allowed to bring alcoholic beverages on the plane. Once discovered, the stewardess has the right to confiscate. Even if you can take the plane, you can’t drink as much as you want. Taking into account your safety, the stewardess will pour wine for you and control the quantity.

Six: People and animals live in harmony, and allergies can’t kick dogs
Relevant laws stipulate that all personnel have no right to drive away animals, such as guide dogs, that provide assistance to people with disabilities in airports or airplanes. If you are allergic to animals, you can choose to take other flights.

Seven: The seats are fixed, avoid trying to change seats
But the seats on the plane are arranged, and the stewardess is powerless to force the passengers to change seats with you. However, you can discuss it with other passengers.

Eight: upgrade first if you want to change cabins, do not sit casually in the vacant seats
If you see an empty seat in the first class, the stewardess will not let you sit casually. If you want a more comfortable service, you have to pay for them first.

Nine: It’s a good habit to carry a pen with you, and customs declaration is easy
In order to pass the customs smoothly, take a pen with you and don’t be too troublesome. The stewardess cannot provide you with a signature pen for the customs declaration card.

Ten: Tips cannot be given casually, a little bit of heart is enough
Tips for flight attendants are not allowed. If you want to express your gratitude to them, a box of candies and a piece of chocolate are enough to make them feel your heart.

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