Today is very heartfelt to recommend you a bare leg thick flesh-colored pantyhose

This season, a pair of bare-legged thick flesh-colored pantyhose can match the whole closet, realistic and natural, and can beautifully show long legs.

Netflix is not afraid of cold❓

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

It’s just that we have bare legs thick flesh-colored pantyhose ✌️

☺︎ Winter stockings are much more demanding than summer

sense of color, realism, quality…’

As long as you do not encounter sharp objects stockings are not easily stretched out broken

Fake two-layer flesh-transmitting design with velvet lining

Must let you wear a natural thin

After all, it’s good to be willing to share ❤️

☁️360 degrees no dead angle slim and visible

☁️Naturally realistic, beautiful skin concealment

☁️Non-marking tightening, wearable without hooks

unique goddess favor, easy to brush step in the cold wind ♥

✔hexagonal honeycomb abdominal fat-shredding immediately show the small waist

✔ warm / comfortable / slim / true naked feeling / beautiful not frozen

➭ Details show

The lining is thin velvet Imported cashmere warmth at the same time let you wear no burden Want thin velvet even feet baby can dry up

Don’t ask if it’s cold

The bare leg thick flesh-colored pantyhose wear in the body

There is something about matching

The nakedness is what makes it look good.

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