What are the categories of sexy high heels?

Shallow Heels
Slim heels slim the leg shape perfectly and instantly create a glamorous leg shape. The sexy buckle design not only trims the seductive instep but also has a queenly style.

Metallic shallow heels
The metal buckle perfectly trims the ankle part and adds a complete sexy vibe. The pointed toe and slender heel show the charm exuded by the noble queen.

Shallow patent leather high heels
The metallic buckle element slims the back of the foot and ankle, making it very sexy and seductive. The passionate red patent leather upper exudes femininity. The slim heel and pointed toe are very queen-like.

Shallow strappy heels
The high heels made of suede fabric are designed with stitching technology to show a noble and elegant fashion temperament. The ankle strap design adds sweetness. The shallow mouth design of high heels is very sexy and attractive.

Comfortable and sexy strappy high heels
High heels and thin heels do not have to be a struggle. These heels are moderately high and comfortable to wear. The shallow mouth element and the one-piece buckle design perfectly show the sexy charm of the upper, very feminine.

Fine Heels
High heels and thin heels have a sexy feminine look. The simple design with the fusion of buckle elements and shallow mouth is more like a queen, perfectly showing the inner charm of mature women.


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