What are the characteristics of the stockings and pantyhose worn by canbin crew

Girls have all had the experience of wearing silk stockings. Speaking of them, silk stockings are also a very magical existence. Wearing them in summer will not feel hot, and wearing short skirts and stockings in winter will not feel cold. Little fairies know that there are various types of stockings, but Do you wear silk stockings like flight attendants? Are the stockings worn by stewardess different from the stockings we usually wear?

What is the difference between stewardess stockings and traditional stockings? Seeing the second point, I have gained knowledge!

1. The thickness is different

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All girls know that the size of the stockings is divided into D. Choose the right size for the stockings to wear more comfortably, but the stockings of the stewardess are fixed, usually 5D or 10D.

Second, the flexibility is different

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The stockings we usually wear are also elastic, but they are easily torn. First, the quality is not good, but the elasticity is not strong. The stockings worn by the stewardess should be stronger or less elastic, because they are working at high altitudes. If the elasticity is not strong, it will easily cause Varicose veins.

Three, the style is different

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Generally, the stockings worn by flight attendants will be matched with uniforms in advance and choose a better-looking style, but ordinary people will also choose different types of stockings and items to match. In short, stockings are very versatile items.

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